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B&K PRECISION Model 1803D 200 MHz Frequency Counter

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B+K PRECISION counters provide versatility and reliability for a broad spectrum of laboratory and service applications. In addition to frequency measurement, most B+K PRECISION counters also provide period and totalize measurement capabilities

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B&K PRECISION Model 1803D Features:

  • Selectable gate times 0.1 sec and 1.0 sec
  • 7 digit LED display
  • Highly accurate time base
  • Compact bench top AC powered counter
  • Wide Measuring range up to 200 MHz

B&K PRECISION Model 1803D Specifications:

  FREQUENCY RANGE   10 Hz – 200 MHz
  RESOLUTION   1 Hz (1.0 sec gate)
  10 Hz (0.1 sec gate)
  SENSITIVITY   50 mV rms
  AC INPUT   AC power adapter (7-10 V, 500 mA)
  WEIGHT   680g
 DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)   230 x 53 x 46 mm