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REED DT-1236L Photo/Contact Tachometer with Laser

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The REED DT-1236L is a Photo tachometer and contact tachometer in one precision instrument. Integrated laser for improved accuracy at a further distance in photo mode.

REED DT-1236L Features:

  • Photo tachometer and contact tachometer in one precision instrument
  • Surface speed measurements in fpm or mpm
  • Retains Min/Max and last reading for later recall
  • Automatic reverse display direction depending on which measurement mode you are in
  • Laser light for improved accuracy at a greater distance in photo mode
  • Highly visible LCD readout

Authorised Australian Distributor

1 Year Warranty

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For difficult access, nothing beats the REED DT-1236L laser tachometer. This unit also measures linear speeds & contact RPM measurement. The non contact measurement can be made with reflective tape on the shaft, or white paint for close range. Contact measurements use a rubber cone (shaft centre drilling) or rubber rimmed wheels for linear speed. These components are replaceable separately. For fixed installations Lutron makes a panel mount 48×96 digital indicator for inductive or optical pickups.

REED DT-1236L Specifications

Photo 10 to 99,999 rpm/0.1 rpm ≤ 999.9 rpm, 1 rpm > 1000 rpm
Contact 0.5 to 19,999 rpm/0.1 rpm ≤ 999.9 rpm, 1 rpm > 1000 rpm
Surface Speed 0.05 to 1,999.9 mpm (0.2 to 6560 fpm)
0.01mpm ≤ 99.99 mpm
0.1 mpm > 100 mpm (0.1 fpm ≤ 999.9 fpm, 1 fpm > 1000 fpm)
Accuracy ±(0.05% + 1 digit)
Detection Distance 50 to 2,000mm
Sampling Rate
Photo 1 sec. over 60 rpm
Contact 1 sec. over 6 rpm
General Specifications
Laser Class 2 red laser diode, 645nm wavelength
Power Supply 4 x 1.5V “AA” batteries

What’s included with the REED DT-1236L

  • DT-1236L Photo/Contact Tachometer
  • 3 Contact Adapters (2 Cones, 1 Funnel)
  • Surface Speed Wheel
  • Reflective Tape
  • Batteries
  • Hard Carrying Case


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