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EuroSMC ETP-2 Recovery Voltage and Insulation Measurement Unit


The ETP-2 module measures the recovery voltage (polarisation spectrum) on power and distribution transformers and auto-transformers of any type with oil-paper dielectric, calculating the degree of humidity contained in the paper and evaluating the overall condition of the oil-paper system.

These calculations are performed by applying various DC voltage levels through a programmable output during specific time intervals. Calculated parameters are:

  • Recovery voltage and Time Constant.
  • Insulation Resistance.
  • Polarisation Index.

The following problems can be detected with the ETP-2:

  • Solid dielectric degradation.
  • Liquid dielectric degradation.
  • Contaminated insulation.


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EuroSMC ETP-2 Applications:
The user-friendly software, quick measuring speeds, and the ability to get instantaneous organized results (on the screen, recorded or printed), the ETP-2 has great advantages when performing its tasks.

The automatic recording of the successive test results creates a database, which allows a trend analysis and an early detection of possible problems in the insulation. The following types of voltage transformers can be tested with the ETP-2, despite the size and power:

  • Power Transformers (single or three phase).
  • Distribution Transformers (single or three phase).
  • Power Auto-transformers (single or three phase).
  • Instrument Voltage Transformers.
  • Current Transformers.
Test Signal Range: 500V / 1000V / 1500V / 2000V
Current: 5mA max.
Resolution: 1V
Accuracy: ±1% of rdg. ±1 digit
Measurement Ranges Recovery Voltage: 0 to 1000V
Test Voltage: 0 to 2000V
Scale 1. at 2000V 1MΩ to 100GΩ
Scale 2. at 2000V 100GΩ to 200GΩ
Scale 3. at 2000V 200GΩ to 2TΩ
Accuracy Recovery Voltage: ±3% of rdg. ±3 digit
Test Voltage: ±1% of rdg. ±3 digit
Scale 1. 1MΩ to 100GΩ ±3% of rdg ±3 digits
Scale 2. 100GΩ to 200GΩ ±5% of rdg ±3 digits
Scale 3. 200GΩ to 2TΩ ±20% of rdg ±3 digits
Used Parameters Recovery Voltage
Insulation Resistance
Polarisation Index
Time Constant
General Specifications
Power Supply 115V ±10% 50/60Hz (specify); 230V ±10% 50/60Hz (specify) 60VA max.
Working Temperature 5°C to 35°C; 10 to 80% R.H. non-condensing
Storage Temperature 5°C to 75°C; 5 to 80% R.H. non-condensing
Dimensions 40cm (D) x 45cm (W) x 13.5cm (H)
Weight 10kg
Standard Accessories
Leads Test Leads
Cables Communication cable
Bags Transportation bags
Certificates Calibration certificates
Manual User’s manual
Ordering Information
Model Name Description
EuroSMC ETP-2 Recovery Voltage and Insulation Measurement Unit


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