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EuroSMC PTE-FCE External Timer (Start/Stop option)


The EuroSMC PTE-FCE  is designed to be used with the PTE-100-C thus giving the equipment a wider application in measuring times.

This option is mounted in a small, lightweight box, designed to be transported inside the lid of the PTE-100-C. It is connected directly to the monitor input taps of the equipment.

The voltage supply can be by the main voltage supply or by connecting to the 110V 0.3A tap
(output 4. of the PTE-100-C).



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EuroSMC PTE-FCE Application:
This option is to use the built-in timer as an independent timer, allowing the PTE-FCE to start by an external contact.

EuroSMC PTE-FCE Technical Characteristics:

  • Dry Contact, Power Free: Opto-coupled (NO or NC).
  • Voltage – Open Circuit: 15 Volts DC.
  • Current – Short Circuit: 8mA.
  • Input Taps: Fully protected.
  • LED indicates working states.


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