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Extech 380941 AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter

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AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter

The compact Extech 380941 is a 200A mini AC/DC clamp meter with a small diameter jaw designed to reach in small areas while providing 10mA resolution (DC) and very low-current sensitivity. This mini clamp meter is useful for troubleshooting tasks in plant maintenance, electrical, HVAC, and telecom work, as well as home electrical, fleet maintenance, marine, and motorcycle repairs.

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CE   UL   CAT III   1 Year

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Key Functionality of the Extech 380941

The 200A AC rating with 100mA resolution and 40A DC rating with 10mA (DC) resolution is optimized for finding problems where very low current variances would be missed by standard clamp meters. The meter doubles as a DMM with added resistance and frequency functions. Whether you are checking amp draws on commercial electrical circuits or troubleshooting relays on vehicle air conditioning systems, the go-anywhere 23mm jaw opening is compact enough to fit in tight locations.The 4-digit (4,000 count) readout is easy to read and a 40 segment bargraph helps simulate an analog display, better illustrating swings in readings. The Data Hold function freezes the display while the Min/Max function tracks and displays minimum and maximum values – useful for blind measurements and start-up draw. The zero function makes it easy to perform relative measurements.


  • 200A AC & 40A DC current readings
  • Data Hold, Min/Max and zero modes
  • Low current range & 10mA DC resolution
  • Also reads voltage, resistance & frequency
  • Ergonomic design & small 23mm jaw opening

Additional Features

Relative Measurements 1) Press the Zero key and the present measurement will Zero. 2) All subsequent measurements are displayed with respect to the zeroed reading. For example, if a 20A reading is zeroed and a 30A reading is subsequently measured, the LCD will display 10A. 3) To return to normal operation, press the zero key one more time. 4) Note that Relative mode is not available if the MIN/MAX mode is enabled. 5) Relative mode is not available in continuity or Hz mode. 6) Note that the Zero button is disabled if ohm and continuity or Hz functions are selected. 7) LCD displays relative numerical value without bargraph.

Data Hold To freeze a reading on the LCD, press the Data Hold key. The HOLD icon will appear and the measurement will be held on the meter’s LCD. To release the Data Hold function and return the meter to normal operation, press the Data Hold key again. Data Hold is disabled if ohm and continuity function are selected.

MIN/MAX Reading Mode Pressing the MIN/MAX key allows the meter to display ONLY the highest and the lowest readings encountered. Press the MIN/MAX key once to view the minimum reading, press it again to view the maximum reading. The LCD will toggle between the MIN and MAX values. Press and hold MIN/MAX button for more than 2 seconds to return to normal operating mode. Zero function will be disabled when MIN/MAX is enabled. MIN/MAX is not available in continuity or Hz mode.



General Specifications
Display 3-3/4 (4000 count) Digit LCD with 40 segment bargraph
Functions ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV, Resistance, Frequency, Continuity
Polarity “-“ indicates negative polarity
Current sensor Hall effect sensor type
Overload indication Left blinking digit
DCA zero adjust One touch zero key
Display rate 2 readings/second (20 readings/second for bargraph)
Battery Two 1.5V AA batteries
Operating temp. -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity < 85% RH
Power consumption Approximately 10mA DC
Weight 225g including battery
Dimensions 178 x 45 x 32mm (HWD)
Jaw opening 23mm
Standards IEC 1010 Category III 300V, Category II 600V



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