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Extech 412355A Current and Voltage Calibrator/Meter

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Extech 412355A Features:

  • Oyster case with flip-up display is ideal for handheld or benchtop applications
  • Large 3-1/2 digit LCD display and touch keypad
  • Display readings in mA or as a % of the 0 to 24mA range or as mV in voltage ranges
  • Provides adjustable 0 to 24mA and 0 to 10V calibration source


  • Setup and calibration of process devices such as transducers, indicators, recorders and controllers
  • Troubleshooting and Field service
  • Product design


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The Extech 412355A has the ability to display different current meter ratings in mA or as a percentage of the 0 to 24mA range, which can be changed in the settings area of the menu, or displayed as mV in the voltage ranges. The calibrator can also provide an adjustable calibration sources from 0 to 10V or 0 to 24mA.

The design of the Extech 412355A is user friendly making you more efficient at your job by being able to control your device with just one hand, leaving the other free to complete any other task. The oyster case has a flip up display that makes this product perfect for holding in one hand or placing on top of a benchtop when you need to note down any of the current meter measurements that have been taken. For added ease of noting them down, the device can also store up to 5 calibration values that can be recalled later.

Extech 412355A Product Specifications Summary:

Process / Calibration/Signal Calibrators/Voltage Calibrators Template

Style (Voltage Calibrators) Hand Held
Maximum Measured Voltage 19.99 AC Volts (19.99 V)
Voltage Measure Resolution 10 mV
Maximum Source Voltage 20 V
Voltage Accuracy 0.075% ±1 digit
Current Measurement Yes
Maximum Current Resolution 20 A
Hart Compatible No
Intrinsically Safe What’s This? No

Process / Calibration/Milliamp Functions

Current Measurement Max 50 mA
Current Measurement Min 0 mA
Source/Simulate DC Current Yes
Measure DC Current Yes
Two Wire Transmitter Simulation No
Percent Display No
Resolution AC Current 0.1 mA (0.0001 A) 
Accuracy 0.075% ±1 digit
Simulate Loop Voltage Yes
Backlight No
Ramp/Step Output No
FieldBus Compatible No

Extech 412355A General Attributes

Unique Features 24VDC drives current loads up to 1000O
Five preset calibration values for fast calibration
High accuracy 0.075%
Oyster case with flip-up display is ideal for handheld or benchtop applications
Large LCD displays readings in mA (to 0.01mA) or as a percentage of the 0-24mA range (4-20mA = 0-100.0%) or as mV in voltage ranges
Warranty 1 YEARS
Calibration Included Factory Calibration 
Power Supply Voltage 9 Volt Battery or
Safety Approval CE
Product Weight 340g
Battery Type 9 v
Product Height 10.8cm
Product Length 9.6cm
Product Width 4.5cm



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