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Extech 480403 Motor Rotation and 3-Phase Tester

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Extech 480403 Features:

  • Indicates rotation direction of motor
  • Determine rotation of a motor without contact
  • Easy to open alligator clips with wide jaws
  • Ensures motor is not damaged from incorrect wiring
  • Tests phase orientation of three phase power sources
  • Indicates phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and whether each of the three phases is live
  • Complete with cable and three large colour coded alligator clips, pouch case, and 9V battery

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Extech 480403 Rotation Tester, Motor Phase

The Extech 480403 phase sequence and motor rotation tester uses alligator clamps which can be used to check the phase rotation of a power supply and indicate whether each of the three phases are live or not. This will allow maintenance personnel to ensure that a motor being connected to the power supply will not be damaged or cause equipment damage by being started in the wrong direction.

The non-contact motor rotation feature of the Extech 480403 phase sequence and motor rotation tester allows the user to check the direction of motor rotation on a running motor by simply placing the meter in close proximity to the motor being checked with the same orientation as the easy-to-read schematic on the face of the meter. The rotation LEDs will then light up to indicate clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.

Can be used to determine the phase orientation of a three-phase power supply or the direction of rotation on a three-phase motor. The Extech 480403 phase sequence and motor rotation tester features a durable double molded housing and three large, wide jaw, colour-coded alligator clips, all with a CE CAT III-600V rating.

Extech 480403 Specifications:

Phase Sequence Yes
Voltage 40 to 690V
Frequency 15 to 400Hz
Motor rotation Yes
UL/CE/Category Rating CE, CAT III-600V
Dimensions 130x69x32mm
Weight 130g
Warranty 1 year


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