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Extech EA30 Easyview Wide Range Light Meter

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Extech EA30 Features:

  • EA30 Easyview Wide Range Light Meter
  • Compact and rugged design with large display
  • Widest range to 40,000Fc/ 400,000Lux is ideal for outdoor applications
  • Additional features: Large display with bargraph, Relative function for zero or difference from reference value and Peak captures short light pulses to 100μSeconds
  • Data Hold and Min/Max readings
  • Auto power off, Zero function

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The Extech EA30 EasyView Big Digit, Wide Range Light Meter
The Extech EA30 measures up to 40,000 foot-candles in four ranges and 400,000 lux in five ranges with ±3 percent accuracy, making it ideal for outdoor use. This light meter features a compact and rugged design with a large display and analogue bargraph to view trends.

Additional Features
Peak mode captures short light pulses to 100µs; and Relative function zeroes the sensor or can be used to display the difference from a reference value. Also has data hold, min/max, and auto power off functions.

What Is a Light Meter?
A light meter measures the amount of visible light, also known as illumination, in a given area. For many meter brands, including Extech, illumination is expressed in units of measure called Lux (for metric) and foot-candles (used in the US). To use an Extech light meter, the sensor is placed on a tabletop or other surface in the area to be measured and the light level reading is indicated on the meter’s display.


General Specifications
Display Multi-function 3-3/4 (3999) digit LCD with Bargraph indicator
Over range indication LCD displays ‘OL’
Spectral response CIE photopic (CIE human eye response curve)
Spectral accuracy CIE V 2 function (f1 2 6%)
Measurement Repeatability ±2%
Temperature coefficient ±0.1% per °C
Sampling rate 13.3 times per second (bargraph); 1.3 times per second (digital display)
Photo detector Silicon photo-diode with spectral response filter
Peak hold Capture light peaks to 100uS
Operating conditions Temperature 0 to 40°C
Humidity < 80% RH
Storage conditions Temperature -10 to 50°C
Humidity < 80% RH
Dimensions 150 x 72 x 33mm
Weight Approx. 320g with battery
Low battery indication “BT” appears on the LCD
Power supply 6 ‘AAA’ cells; Battery life approx 400 hours


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