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Extech EA33 Easyview Light Meter with Memory

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Extech EA33 EasyView Big Digit Light Meter with Memory
This compact and ruggedly designed meter has a wide measurement range to 99,990 Foot Candles in five ranges and 999,990 Lux in five ranges with 0.001 Fc/0.01 Lux resolution.

Additional Features
Store and Recall up to 50 measurements with relative or real time clock stamp, Luminous intensity (candela) calculation, a ripple function that excludes stray light from the primary light source measurement, multipoint average function, timed hold, relative measurement in absolute value or percent deviation, comparator function with high/low alarms, and auto power off with disable.

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CE   1 Year

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Elapsed Timer with Hold

In this mode, measurements are made while the countdown timer is running. When the timer reaches zero, the last measurement is held on the display

Stray Light Inhibit

This feature allows the user to measure light from one source while automatically factoring out the light from a secondary (stray) unwanted source.

Integral Illuminance Mode

Integral Illuminance is a luminous energy measurement based on the rate of flow of flux (expressed in lumen-seconds). The Model EA33 can also measure any photometric quantity on a time dependent basis. For example, the illuminance could be integrated over time to yield lux-hours (lx-h) or foot candle-hours (fc-h).

Extech EA33 Features:

  • EA33 Easyview Light Meter with Memory
  • Wide measurement range to 99,990Fc (999,900Lux) with resolution of 0.001Fc and 0.01Lux
  • Luminous intensity (candela) calculations
  • Store and recall up to 50 measurements, includes relative or real time clock stamp
  • Ripple function excludes the effect of stray light from the primary light source measurement
  • Auto Power off with disable feature
  • Multiple point average function
  • Timed-Hold, Relative in absolute value or % deviation, and Comparator function with high low alarms
  • Cosine and color corrected, CNS 5119 Class II
  • Complete with built-in stand, light sensor and protective cover with 90cm cable, protective holster, 6 AAA batteries, and carrying case

Extech EA33 Specifications

General Specifications
Display Counts 999,999 count LCD
Fc Range 9.999Fc, 99.99Fc, 999.9Fc, 9,999Fc, 99,990Fc
Lux Range 99.99Lux, 999.9Lux, 9999Lux, 99,990Lux, 999,900Lux
Max. Resolution 0.001Fc/0.01Lux
Basic Accuracy ±3%
Cosine & Color Corrected Yes
Dimensions 150 x 72 x 33mm
Weight 320g


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