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Extech EX623 400A Dual Input AC/DC Clamp Meter + NCV + IR Thermometer

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Extech EX623 Features:

  • True RMS measurements for accurate AC Voltage and Current measurements
  • Dual type K thermocouple input with Differential Temperature function (T1, T2, T1-T2)
  • Built-in non-contact Voltage detector with LED alert
  • DC µA multimeter function for HVAC flame rod Current measurements
  • Data Hold plus fast Peak Hold of current surges during motor startup
  • 40,000 count multimeter functions for DC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, and Frequency for high resolution over wider ranges
  • Measures motor capacitors to 40,000µF
  • 36mm jaw opening for conductors up to 500MCM
  • Rugged double molded housing
  • Auto power off with audible alert and disable function
  • Autoranging with manual override
  • Built-in non-contact IR Thermometer with laser pointer for locating hot spots
  • 8 to 1 distance to target ratio
  • Complete with CAT III-600V, double molded test leads, 9 Volt battery, two Type K bead wire probes (-20 to 250°C), and case

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   UL   CAT III   1 Year

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Get more done with the Extech EX623 5-In-1 Clampmeter.

The versatile Extech EX623 5-in-1 clamp meter was specifically designed for plant, HVAC/R, and electrical professionals in commercial, institutional, and industrial settings. No other clamp meter offers the convenience and versatility of five meters in one tool.

Functional Overview

A robust 400A AC/DC “amp clamp” meter offers current load readings quickly on AC systems as well as DC systems like industrial DC motors, automotive, heavy equipment, and marine applications. An advanced, True RMS Multimeter, offers comprehensive functions for extensive troubleshooting and True RMS accuracy for measuring signals distorted by motor drives, motor controls, power supplies, and other electronic systems. An exclusive built-in infrared thermometer is ideal for quickly identifying overheating motors or locating hot spots on electrical panels, or HVAC vents without contact. A non-contact voltage detector allows yoiu to quickly and conveniently check for voltage prior to attaching the multimeter’s test leads to the device under test. A dual-input Type-K thermometer lets you get readings from two sources and calculate Delta-T with a push of a button. DMM functions include AC/DC Voltage & Current (including DC µA), Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, and Diode/Continuity 40,000 count display.

Feature-Rich Design

Extech’s 5-in-1 clamp meter is a smart tool and a smart buy for maintenance professionals. For troubleshooting both new installations and preventive/ongoing maintenance and repairs, the EX623 accurately measures AC and DC current, voltage, and temperatures. The EX623’s infrared thermometer and laser pointer make point-and-shoot temperature readings simpler and safer. And, having two Type K thermocouple inputs makes differential temperature (delta-T) calculations like superheat and sub-cooling measurements easier to perform. For furnace and boiler maintenance flame rod current measurements, the DC microamp function is a handy surprise. The EX623’s generous 36mm jaw opening handles large conductors – up to 500MCM. The EX623 makes users’ everyday installation, diagnostic, and maintenance tasks simpler and easier – and with less toolbelt/toolbox clutter. Extech has been on the leading edge of the trend toward multifunctional instruments for several years, adding infrared thermometer capabilities into a broad range of testers and meters. Extech’s remarkable EX623 combines multiple relevant functions in one tool so technicians get more while spending less. For example, a plant professional can opt for an Extech EX623 5-in-1 clamp meter instead of buying a clamp meter plus numerous other test tools. The EX623 was designed using customer feedback – users increasingly demand multi-function capabilities in one device with no compromises.

Other Features

Powered by a 9V battery, the device has an optional Auto Power Off function to conserve battery life. The Extech EX623 5-in-1 clamp meter includes: CAT III-600V double-molded test leads; a 9V battery, two general purpose Type K bead wire probes; a durable soft case with belt loop; and a user manual.


General Specifications
IR Temperature: -50 to 270°C
AC Current: 400.0A
DC Current: 400.0A
Max resolution: 10mA
Basic ACA accuracy: ±1.5%
AC/DC Voltage (Max Res.): 600V (0.1mV)/600V (0.01mV)
DC µA Current: 4000µA (0.01µA)
Resistance (Max Res.): 40.000MOhm (0.01)
Capacitance (Max Res.): 10pF to 40,000µF (0.01nF)
Frequency (Max Res.): 40MHz (0.001Hz)
Temperature (Type K): -50 to 1000°C
Diode Test: < 2.8V
Duty Cycle: 0.5 to 99.0%
Dimensions: 229 x 80 x 49mm
Weight: 303g


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