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Extech EX845 1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp/DMM with IR Thermometer and Bluetooth MeterLink

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1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp/DMM with IR Thermometer and Bluetooth MeterLink™

AC/DC Clamp Meter/MultiMeter with built-in IR Thermometer and Wireless Capability.


  • Built-in non-contact IR Thermometer design with laser pointer
  • METERLiNK Wireless communication with FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras (b60, i60, B-Series, and T-Series)
  • CAT IV safety rating for industrial applications
  • True RMS Current and Voltage measurements
  • Peak hold captures inrush currents and Transients
  • 43mm jaw opening for conductors up to 750MCM or two 500MCM
  • 4000 count backlit display
  • Autoranging with manual range button
  • Data Hold, Min/Max and Auto Power off
  • Complete with CAT IV test leads, 9V battery, Type K probe, pouch case, and Professional Test Lead Set

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   ETV   FCC   Meterlink   CAT III   CAT IV   3 Years

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The Extech EX845 provides TRMS AC/DC Current & Voltage measurements upto 1000A and 1000V respectively and has a built-in non-contact IR Thermometer with a laser pointer that is capable of measuring upto 270C. However the real benefit of the Extech EX845 is the Bluetooth transmitter with MeterLink technology that allows this clamp meter to wirelessly communicate with a wide range of Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras including the new E-Series. Valuable voltage and current readings can be wirelessly transmitted to a Flir infrared camera and be integrated with the thermal images to provide a comprehensive overview of an electrical system.

A Flir IR camera can quickly identify problems on electrical systems and provide infrared images which clearly locate the specific component with the fault. Using MeterLink the Extech EX845 allows a thermographer to quickly take an electrical readings on the faulty component and instantly record them on the thermal image they have just taken. In addition the EX845 clampmeter has a CAT IV 600V safety rating for added protection and making it suitable for industrial applications. The EX845 jaw opening size of 43mm will fit conductors up to 750MCM or two 500MCM. The TRMS feature ensures highly accurate readings of non-sinusoidal waveforms and the peak hold function can be used to capture inrush currents and Transients.

Extexh EX845 Specifications

Range Basic Accuracy
AC Current 0.1 to 1000A ±2.8%
DC Current 0.1 to 1000A ±2.8%
AC Voltage 0.1mV to 1000V ±1.5%
DC Voltage 0.1mV to 1000V ±2.8%
Resistance 0.1 to 40MΩ ±1.5%
Capacitance 0.001nF to 40,000µF ±3.0%
Frequency 0.001kHz to 4kHz ±1.5%
IR Temperature -50 to 270ºC ±2.0% rdg or ±2ºC
Type K Temperature -20 to 760ºC ±(3%rdg+5ºC)
Continuity YES
Inrush YES
Diode YES
Dimensions 270 x 110 x 50mm
Weight 386g

Battery Replacement

1. Remove the Phillips head screw that secures the rear battery door

2. Open the battery compartment

3. Replace the 9V battery

4. Secure the battery compartment You, as the end user, are legally bound (Battery ordinance) to return all used batteries and accumulators; disposal in the household garbage is prohibited! You can hand over your used batteries / accumulators at collection points in your community or wherever batteries / accumulators are sold!

Disposal: Follow the valid legal stipulations in respect of the disposal of the device at the end of its lifecycle


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