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Extech HD400 Heavy Duty Light Meter

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Extech HD400 Features:

  • OSHA compliance for workplace lighting
  • Test for adequate indoor lighting in stairwells
  • Schools and other exam/testing areas
  • Medical examination and surgical procedure areas
  • University campuses, parking garages, and public areas
  • Security lighting and ATM locations
  • Computer and clean room lighting
  • Photography, film, and videography
  • Antiques, museum exhibits, and art

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CE   3 Years

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The Extech HD400 is a rugged light meter that measures a wide range to 4,000 Fc or 40,000 Lux using a precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter with cosine and color corrected measurements. Peak mode (10 mS) captures highest reading, and Relative mode indicates change in light levels.

Additional Features

Backlit LCD display with 40-segment bar graph; peak mode (10 mS) captures the highest reading; relative mode indicates change in light levels; minimum/maximum; data hold; low battery indicator; and a built-in USB port for real-time monitoring and storage of light level data on a PC.

What Is a Light Meter?

A light meter measures the amount of visible light, also known as illumination, in a given area. For many meter brands, including Extech, illumination is expressed in units of measure called Lux (for metric) and foot-candles (used in the US). To use an Extech light meter, the sensor is placed on a tabletop or other surface in the area to be measured and the light level reading is indicated on the meter’s display. There are many different types of lighting that can be measured. the most common are: sodium, tungsten, mercury, and fluorescent. The following list shows common applications for each lighting type.

  • Sodium lighting: Highway, parking lots, security measurements
  • Tungsten lighting: Sunlight and incandescent lighting measurements
  • Mercury lighting: Highways, parking lots, stadiums
  • Fluorescent lighting: Indoor lighting for workstations and store display areas
Fc Range 40, 400, 4000Fc
Lux Range 400, 4000, 40kLux
Accuracy ±5% rdg
Max Resolution 0.01Fc/0.1Lux
PC interface USB
Dimensions 170 x 80 x 40mm)
Weight 390g


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