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EXTECH TL831 Master Electrical Test Lead Kit


12-piece kit industrial grade Test Lead Kit for use with Digital Multimeters.

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   half year


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  • The Extech TL831 Master Electrical Test Lead Kit is an industrial grade twelve piece kit.
    • TL726 Double Molded Silicone Test Leads
    • TL747 Electronic Sharp Test Probe Set
    • TL741 Heavy Duty Plunger Style Hook Clip Set
    • TL742 Heavy Duty Plunger Style Pincer Grip Set
    • TL740 Industrial Plunger Style Test Clips
    • TL709 Medium Alligator Clip Set
    • Conveniently stored in a pouch case

The Extech TL831 kit is an accessory for the following products:

  • Extech 38070 Mini Analog Multimeter
  • Extech 38073 Mini Analog Multimeter
  • Extech DM110 Mini Pocket MultiMeter
  • Extech DM220 Mini Pocket Multimeter
  • Extech EX210 Mini Digital Multimeter
  • Extech EX230 Mini Digital Multimeter
  • Extech EX310 Mini Digital Multimeter
  • Extech EX320 Mini Digital Multimeter
  • Extech EX330 Mini Digital Multimeter
  • Extech EX410/EX411 Digital Multimeter
  • Extech EX420/EX430 Multimeter
  • Extech EX470 Multimeter
  • Extech EX503 Multimeter
  • Extech EX505 True RMS Multimeter
  • Extech EX520 Multimeter
  • Extech EX530 Multimeter
  • Extech EX540/EX542 Multimeter
  • Extech EX570 Industrial Multimeter
  • Extech MN15A / MN16A Mini Multimeter
  • Extech MN25 MiniTec Digital Multimeter
  • Extech MN26T MiniTec Digital Multimeter
  • Extech MN35/36 Mini Digital Multimeters
  • Extech MN42 Compact Digital Multimeter
  • Extech MN47 Compact Digital Multimeter
  • Extech 380224 Heavy Duty Indicator/Multimeter (RETIRED)
  • Extech 381295A/381395 Dual Channel MultiScope Multimeter (RETIRED)
  • Extech EX510 Digital Multimeter (RETIRED)

These high quality Extech TL831 test leads are not only recommended for Extech products as per the above list but are also compatible with most manufactures test and measurement products. These rugged, robust Extech test leads are designed to help you get the most out of your meter. Extech test leads are a very important part of the complete measurement system and extend the capabilities of your digital multimeter or other test and measurement instruments which you may be using or have in your toolbox. Should the Extech TL831 test leads not be exactly what you require the we suggest the one of the following:

TL805 Double Injected Test Leads

TL833 Industrial Test Lead Set

Extech TL726 Double Molded Premium Silicone Test Lead


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