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GW Instek GOS-630FC Analogue Oscilloscope


Analogue Oscilloscope – 30MHz

The GOS-630FC establishes a brand new benchmark for similar categories. New and innovative functions, including LCD Readout Display, Frequency Counter, and Auto Time-Base setting, are provided as standard features. With a 30MHz bandwidth and valuable features, GOS-630FC is priced at the basic Oscilloscope level. 1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity is able to capture small signal variations in the input source. Additional functions, such as XY mode display, MAG function (Time based Magnified), and Z-axis Input, extend the application range of GOS-630FC to both education and industry fields.

The added values without being converted into extra cost make the GOS-630FC the most beneficial choice among the entry-level analogue oscilloscopes available in today’s market.

GOS-630FC is a brand new benchmark for the Oscilloscopes within the same category. The new innovative functions, including LCD Readout Display, Frequency Counter, and Auto Time-Base setting, are provided as standard features of the product. GOS-630FC, with a bandwidth elevated to 30MHz and additional valuable features, is priced at the level of a fundamental oscilloscope. The add-on value without additional cost make GOS-630FC a most beneficial choice among the entry-level analog oscilloscopes available in the market today



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GW Instek GOS-630FC Features:

  • 1mV/div high vertical sensitivity for small signal measurement
  • Internal 5 digits counter for easy frequency measurement
  • LCD readout display for Vertical/Horizontal/Frequency measurement
  • Auto Time-Base function
  • Complete trigger functions: AUTO, NORMAL, TV -V, and TV-H
  • Convenient functions for general applications: XY mode, Z-axis input, External Trigger Input, etc.
  • Buzzer alarm for settings outside the range
  • Rich Vertical settings: Ch1/Ch2/Dual/Add

1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity
GOS-630FC, with high vertical sensitivity up to 1mV/div, is able to capture the small signals of the input source. Wide ranges of vertical, horizontal, and trigger settings make GOS-630FC a full-fledged oscilloscope. Additional functions such as XY mode display, MAG function (Time based Magnified), and Z-axis Input extend the application range of GOS-630FC to both the education and industry fields.

LCD Readout Display & Real-Time Frequency Counter
Vertical/Horizontal settings and input signal Frequency of GOS-630FC are shown on a bright and clear LCD display simultaneously. Users could easily know the current setting status from the small LCD screen instead of checking the knob positions. GOS-630FC automatically counts the frequency of the input signal and shows this reading on the display. This is a good feature rarely seen on a basic oscilloscope.

Auto Time-Base Intelligent Operations
GOS-630FC provides ” Auto Time-Base ” function, which is seen only in digital or high-end analog oscilloscopes, to automatically select the appropriate horizontal time base for waveform display. Buzzer alarm reminds users when the Vertical/Horizontal setting reaches the maximum or minimum boundary.

High Product Quality with Economic Price
GOS-630FC is a highly reliable product guaranteed by an ISO certified manufacturing system. Hundreds of quality tests have to be passed upon completion of the manufacturing of each unit. Economic price and remarkable functions like LCD readout display, 5 digits real-time counter, and Auto Time-base make GOS-630FC a product with the best price vs. performance ratio in the oscilloscope market.


Sensitivity 1mV ~ 5V/div , 12 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Accuracy <=3%, (1mV/div, 2mV/div: 5%)
Vernier Vertical Sensitivity <=1/2.5 of panel-indicated value
Bandwidth DC~30MHz (1mV/div, 2mV/div: DC~7MHz)
Rise Time Approx. 11.7ns (1mV/div, 2mV/div: Approx. 50ns)
Input Impedance Approx. 1MΩ // Approx. 25pF
Square Wave Characteristics Overshoot – 5% ( At 10mV/div range)
Vertical Modes CH1, CH2, DUAL (ALT/CHOP), ADD
Chopping Repetition Frequency Approx. 250kHz
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Maximum Input Voltage CAT II 300V(DC+ACpeak)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 50to1 or better at 50kHz sinusoidal wave
Isolation Between Channels >1000to1 at 50kHz, >30to1 at 30MHz(at 5mv/div Range)
CH1 Signal Output At least 20 mV/div at 50Ω terminal, frequency at least 50Hz to 5MHz
Triggering Source CH1, CH2, ALT, LINE, EXT
Coupling AC : 20Hz to full bandwidth
Slope + / –
Sensitivity 20Hz ~ 2 MHz – 0.5 div, TRIG-ALT – 2 div
EXT – 200mV 2MHz ~ 30MHz – 1.5 div
TRIG-ALT- 3 div, EXT – 800mV TV – Sync pulse more than 1 div (EXT- 1V)
Triggering Modes AUTO , NORM , TV-V , TV-H
Input Impedance Approx. 1MΩ// approx. 25pF
Maximum Input Voltage CAT II 300V(DC+AC peak)
Sweep Time 0.2μS ~ 0.5 S/div , 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Sweep Time Accuracy 3%
Vernier Sweep Time Control <= 1/2.5 of panel-indicated value
Sweep Magnification 10 times
10MAG Sweep Time Accuracy 5% (20nSec~50nSec are uncalibrated)
Linearity 3%, 10MAG:5% (20ns and 50ns are uncalibrated)
Sensitivity Same as vertical axis
Bandwidth DC to at least 500kHz
X-Y Phase Difference <=3 at DC ~50kHz
Sensitivity 5 Vp-p (Positive-going signal decreases intensity)
Bandwidth DC ~ 2MHz
Input Resistance Approx. 47kΩ
Maximum Input Voltage CAI II 30V(DC+AC peak)
Waveform Positive-going Square wave
Frequency Approx. 1 kHz
Duty Ratio Within 48:52
Output Voltage 2 Vp-p 2%
Output Impedance Approx. 1 kΩ
Display Digits Max. 5-digits decimal
Frequency Range 50Hz~30MHz
Accuracy 0.05% : 50Hz~1kHz, 0.02% : 1kHz~30MHz
Measuring Sensitivity > 2div
Display VOLT/div, TIME/div, X-Y Mode, Frequency
Backlight Orange
Type 6-inch rectangular type, internal graticule
Phosphor & Acceleration Voltage P 31 & Approx. 2kV
Effective Screen Size 8  10 div (1 div = 10mm (0.39in))
Graticule Internal
Trace Rotation Provided
AC 115V, 230V 15% selectable, 50Hz/60Hz
Range -10 to 70 ; 70%RH (Max.)
Dimensions 310(W) x 150(H) x 455(D) mm;
Weight Approx. 8.2kgs



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