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HT Instruments THT47 Touchscreen Infrared Camera


Advanced infrared thermal camera touch screen with resolution 160x120pxl

THT47 is provided with a 160x120pxl IR sensor, which makes it the ideal choice for applications both in private and in industrial environments.

The thermal camera is provided with external SDCard for saving images in jpg format and videos. Of course, you can also transfer via USB connection the data onto the PC. It is also provided with a very bright capacitive touch screen display. While recording and saving data, it is possible to complete analyses with text and audio comments. This model has a wide temperature range (max. 400°C) and a remarkable number of internal tools, such as the possibility of carrying out advanced analyses including spots, lines, areas and isotherm lines on every image. This thermal camera is the ideal solution for detecting electric problems, checking mechanical parts, analyzing hydraulic systems, forced ventilation, etc. This thermal camera is also provided with SPAN function (creation of a temperature range of interest) and with the automatic setting of emissivity with a preset table of materials.

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The HT Instruments THT47 is a powerful user-friendly infrared thermal camera designed for detailed analysis to be performed by thermography operators. The instrument’s core is the icon structure menu available through a capacitive TFT high brightness touchscreen LCD allowing really intuitive operations with finger touch selections. THT47 saves thermal and visual images into micro-SD cards under a standard JPG format also allowing data transfer to PC via USB interface. Live active IR data video recording is also available. THT47 has an IR sensor with optimum resolution (160x120pxl) which makes it perfectly suitable for preventive maintenance operations on any industrial application. The instrument has a wide temperature range (max 400°C) and a lot of internal features such as the possibility to perform advanced analysis including spots, lines, areas and isothermal on each image. This instrument is ideal to check mechanical devices, detect electric problems, check hydraulic systems, verify forced ventilation circuits, etc.

HT Instruments THT47 – Simply Ahead

Industry, electric or construction. The best, wherever you need it.

The new THT range is based on a highly innovative and reliable technology. These cameras are headed to different sectors ranging from industrial to safety, building sector etc. Thanks to the innovative wide capacitive touch screen and icon display as well as high infrared resolution 384 x 288 pixel and 160 x 120 pixel, it is easier and more intuitive to detect problems which are not visible to the naked eye.

New THT cameras are provided with Flash LED, laser pointer, camera for visual and PIP pictures, interchangeable optional lenses. Hundreds of photos can be taken as cameras are provided with 2 GB memory so enabling to draw up reports complete with pictures, sound and text notes.

HT Instruments THT47 Specification:
Detector type UFPA
Spectral range 8 – 14µm
Resolution / Pxl size 160 x 120 pxl / 25µm
Thermal sensitivity <0.08 °C @ 30°C
Field of View (FOV) 29.8° x 22.6° (7.5mm lens)
Minimum focal distance 0.2m
IFOV (@1m) 3.33mrad
Focusing Manual on lens
Image frequency 50Hz
Color palettes 8 (Standard) + 10 (Customized)
Display type 3.5” TFT color, capacitive touch-screen, high brightness
IR Video Recording and saving on micro SD card MPEG4 format
Video output PAL / NTSC
Electronic zoom x1 – x20 in continuous way
Image rotation 0° – 360° in step of 1°
Temperature range -20°C – 400°C
Measurement unit °C, °F, °K
Accuracy +/-2%rdg or +/-2°C
Measurement cursors 3 (selection temperature MIN, MAX, Customized position on image)
Measurement modes Automatic / Manual / Histogram
Emissivity correction 0.01 – 1.00 + internal table with common materials
Measurement features Automatic correction based on distance, relative humidity, atmospheric temperature, reflexed temperature, offset
Advanced analysis Spots (max3), Lines (max 2), Areas (max 2), Isotherm
Alarm on temperature Associated to measurements Spots
Memory Micro SD card 4GB
File format JPEG standard
Memory size > 1000 images
Voice annotation 60 s / image
Textual annotation With internal virtual keyboard
PC interface USB 2.0 (for video and image transfer)
Battery type Rechargeable Li-ION, 7.4V 2700mAh
Charging system In camera or in base charger
Battery life 4.5 hours of continuous use
External power External adapter 100/240VAC (50/60Hz)/12VDC
Operating temperature -20°C – 50°C
Operating humidity 10% – 90%HR
Storage temperature -40°C – 70°C
Storage humidity 10% – 90%HR
Encapsulation IP65 according with IEC529
Shock 25G, according with IEC60068-2-29
Vibrations 2G, according with IEC60068-2-6
Drop test 2m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 243 x 103 x 160mm
Weight (battery included) 0.92kg



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