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HT Italia HT7003 Clamp Meter 300A AC

HT Italia

HT7003 has the following features:

  • AC current measurement up to 300A in Autorange
  • Ranges: 40.00 Amp and 300.0 Amp
  • Data HOLD
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Max diameter cable: 27mm

Authorised Australian Distributor


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HT Italia HT7003 Warranty conditions

This instrument is guaranteed for one year against material or production defects, in accordance with our general sales conditions. During the warranty period the manufacturer reserves the right to decide either to repair or replace the product. The warranty shall not apply in the following cases: 

Repair and/or replacement of accessories and battery (not covered by warranty). 

Repairs that may become necessary as a consequence of an incorrect use of the instrument or due to its use together with non-compatible appliances. 

Repairs that may become necessary as a consequence of improper packaging. 

Repairs which may become necessary as a consequence of interventions performed by unauthorized personnel.  Modifications to the instrument performed without the manufacturer’s explicit authorization 

Use not provided for in the instrument’s specifications or in the instruction manual

Preparation for Use

Initial checks This instrument was checked both mechanically and electrically prior to shipment. All possible cares and precautions were taken to let you receive the instrument under perfect conditions. Notwithstanding we suggest you to check it rapidly (any damage may have occurred during transport – if so please contact the local distributor from whom you bought the item). Make sure that all standard accessories mentioned in § 12.2 are included. Should you have to return back the instrument for any reason please follow the instructions mentioned in § 13

HT Italia HT7003 Service

Should the instrument not work properly, make sure that battery is correctly installed and working and replace if necessary before contacting your distributor. Should you need for any reason to return back the instrument for repair or replacement take prior agreements with the local distributor from whom you bought it. Do not forget to enclose a report describing the reasons for returning (detected fault). Use only original packaging. Any damage occurred in transit due to not original packaging will be charged anyhow to the customer. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage to persons or things


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