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HT Italia HT9020 Clamp Meter with Powers/Harmonics and Inrush Currents

HT Italia (2)

Clamp-on power quality analyzer model HT9020 has been designed for measuring DC, AC+DC TRMS current up to 1000A according to CAT IV 600V in compliance with standard IEC/EN61010-1


  • DC and AC+DC TRMS voltage
  • DC and AC+CD TRMS current
  • Phase sequence and conformity test
  • AC powers and power factor on single-phase and/or balanced three phase systems
  • AC energies on single-phase and/or balanced three-phase systems
  • DC power
  • AC voltage harmonics up to 25° order and THD%
  • AC current harmonics up to 25° order and THD%
  • Frequency on voltage (with test leads) and current (with clamp jaw)
  • Resistance and continuity test
  • Electric motor starting currents (Dynamic Inrush)
  • Detection of AC voltage with and without contact with built-in sensor
  • Each of these functions can be selected using the 6-position selector switch, including
  • OFF position. Keys F1, F2, F3, F4/OK and H / ESC / are also provided

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PDF HT 9020 Data Sheet

PDF Logo HT 9020 Manual

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HT9020 Clamp Meter with Powers/Harmonics and Inrush Currents carries out measurements of Active, Reactive and Apparent Power and Energy, voltage and current harmonic analysis up to the 25th order with THD% calculation, in single-phase or three-phase balanced systems. It also tests phase sequence and phase conformity by 1-lead measuring method as well as detects any event related to electric motor starting currents (DYNAMIC INRUSH).  DYNAMIC INRUSH™ permits to measure inrush currents with user-defined time frames, providing measurements more reliable than standard fixed time-frame testers. The user has the chance to recall and display the measurement by applying different time frames. For example, if the user carries out a measurement using a time frame of 100 ms, he can post-process the same measurement by applying a time frame of: 16,7, 20, 50, 100, 150, or 200 ms. This grants the utmost flexibility for each measurement, and prevents to measure again and again to get the real inrush current value.


This instrument is warranted against any material or manufacturing defect, in compliance with the general sales conditions. During the warranty period, defective parts may be replaced. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the product. The warranty shall not apply in the following cases: 

Repair and/or replacement of accessories and batteries (not covered by warranty). 

Repairs that may become necessary as a consequence of an incorrect use of the instrument or due to its use together with non-compatible appliances. 

Repairs that may become necessary as a consequence of improper packaging. 

Repairs which may become necessary as a consequence of interventions performed by unauthorized personnel.  Modifications to the instrument performed without the manufacturer’s explicit authorization. 

Use not provided for in the instrument’s specifications or in the instruction manual


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