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HT Italia SOLAR300N Solar Installation Efficiency & Power Quality Analyzer

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Multifunction Solar instrument designed to test single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems and analyse the mains quality in compliance with standard EN50160. (Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public electricity networks)

It carries out all tests required to verify the efficiency of single and three-phase PV systems. Testing PV systems requires the measurement of environmental and electric parameters.

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HT Italia SOLAR300N tests single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems. For this kind of tests, it is necessary to guarantee simultaneity between power measurements carried out at the inverter and irradiation and temp

Typically, modules and inverters can be positioned several tens of meters away from the PV system, forcing the operator to carry out measurements in different places far from each other at the same time.

To carry out these operations, connections can be made by means of long cables or via radio connections, but both these solutions are not ideal.  Cables could hamper the operator’s movements or be a hindrance, while radio waves would be weakened by floors, reinforced concrete or metal structures, making communication impossible!

In order to avoid the above-mentioned problems HT Italia SOLAR300N is provided with a remote unit which is synchronised with the main unit. The remote unit is positioned next to the PV modules and it is connected there; it measures the environmental parameters needed (irradiation and temperature) making measurements comfortable and safe.

Useful Accessories and Software

MPP 300 increases the impressive features of SOLAR I-V by enabling recordings on the following PV systems:

Single/three-phase, single/multi-string (up to three strings), single-inverter and multi-inverter.

The management software TopView allows you to create professional reports, which can be customised by adding the company’s logo, the customer’s data, comments, etc.

HT Italia SOLAR300N Functions:

  • DC/AC TRMS (single-phase and three-phase) current measurement
  • DC/AC (single-phase and three-phase) power measurement
  • AC (single-phase and three-phase) energy measurement
  • DC Measurement of power factor (cosphi) single-phase and three-phase
  • Measurement of solar irradiation [W/m2]
  • Measurement of temperature by means of probe PT1000
  • Recording of voltage and current harmonics up to the 49° order
  • Recording of voltage anomalies (dips, peaks)
  • Flicker analysis in compliance with standard EN50160
  • Recording of starting currents with a resolution of 10ms
  • Recording of voltage fast transients (spikes) with a resolution of 5us
  • Complete analysis of mains quality in compliance with standard EN50160
  • Numerical and graphical display of each quantity
  • Recalling results on the display
  • TFT colour display with touch screen
  • Power supply with rechargeable Li-ION battery
  • Memory extension by means of compact flash (CF card)
  • Data transfer to external USB memory (memory stick)
  • USB port for PC connection
  • Help on line at display

HT Italia SOLAR300N Specifications:

Technical Specifications
Features graphic TFT with backlight, ¼ VGA (320 x 240pxl)
Touch screen present
Colours 64k
Contrast adjustable
SOLAR300 internal power supply Li-ION, 3.7V rechargeable battery
Battery life > 6 hours
External power supplier AC/DC 100-240V 50/60Hz / 5VDC adapter
Auto power off after 5 minutes without using the instrument (no external power)
SOLAR-01 power supply 2×1.5V alkaline batteries type AA LR06
SOLAR-02 power supply 4×1.5V alkaline batteries type AAA LR03
SOLAR-0x max recording time (@ IP=5s) approx 1.5h
Internal memory 15 Mbyte
External memory USB memory stick
External memory compact flash card
Operative system Windows CE
PC communication port USB
Size 235 (W) x 165 (L) x 75 (D) mm
Weight (batteries included) 1.0 kg
IP degree IP50
Reference temperature 23°C ± 5°C
Working temperature 0° – 40°C
Working humidity < 80% UR
Storage temperature (batt. not included) -10 to 60°C
Storage humidity < 80% UR
Safety IEC/EN61010-1
Safety of measurement accessories IEC/EN61010-031, IEC/EN61010-2-032
Insulation double insulation
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category CAT IV 600V to ground, max 1000V between inputs
Max altitude of use 2000m
Quality networks IEC/EN50160
Quality of power measurements IEC/EN61000-4-30 class B
Flicker IEC/EN61000-4-15, IEC/EN50160
Unbalance IEC/EN61000-4-7, IEC/EN50160


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