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The HT Italia PQA823 power quality analyzer and energy logger permits an easy and wide fast analysis of a huge quantity of data any other system. Thanks to an innovative design and a graphic colour TFT “touch screen” wide display these models finally meet all requests from any exigent electrical verifier. The interface it’s incredible “user-friendly” due to the intuitive icon selection of any kind of feature and a contextual help it’s available for each screen.

The PQA 823 comes with four HTFLEX33E Flexible 3000A clamps (174mm diameter)

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HT Italia PQA823 is three-phase power analyzers that allows for the analysis of all electric parameters which can be measured nowadays, elaborating them easily and quickly. The HT Italia PQA823 can be easily programmed thanks to the new colour touchscreen display with icon menu, which guarantees the selection of internal parameters in a simple and intuitive way. The Help online function available on each screen is a valid and concrete help for the operator in understanding how the devices are used. Each internal parameter is easily reached through the typical tree structure, widely known to Windows system users. The HT Italia PQA823 allows displaying the parameters in numerical and graphic mode, both for periodical analysis and for harmonic analysis. The graphic function “vector diagram” allows, among other things, to immediately evaluate the phase angle between input voltage and current signals, thus defining the loads’ nature. The 15MB internal memory allows saving recorded data for a remarkable number of consecutive days.

The HT Italia PQA823 power quality analyzer and energy logger has a large internal memory in order to save recording results of parameters (e.g: >3 weeks for 251 parameters and integrated period of 15 minutes), but this memory can be expanded by using of external compact flash cards fitted on meters. USB flash drives cal also be used to transfer recordings from meter. PQA823 meter is powered by a internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery which permits complete operation for more than 3 hours and long term using the supplied 100/240V AC adaptor. USB interface permits the connection with PC for download and analysis of recordings with dedicated TOPVIEW software.

HT Italia PQA823  Specifications:

Features graphic TFT with backlight, ¼ VGA (320 x 240)
Touch screen present
Colours 65536
Contrast adjustable
Internal power supply Li-ION, 3.7V rechargeable battery
Battery life > 6 hours
External power supplier AC/DC adapter
Auto power off after 5 minutes without using the instrument (no external power)
Every parameter could be stored into the memory, the instrument saves the
MIN, AVG and MAX value of the parameters each integration period of:
1, 2,5, 10,30 seconds, 1, 2,5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes
Maximum parameters to be stored 251
Memory > 3 months @ 251 parameters and integration period = 15 min
Internal memory 15 Mbyte
External memory USB pen drive
External memory compact flash card
Operative system Windows CE
PC communication port USB
The instrument could store SIMULTANEOUSLY the following parameters – voltages, currents, power factors, powers, energies, etc.
– ingoing and outgoing power -voltage and current harmonics
– voltage anomalies -flicker
– voltage unbalance – voltage spikes (PQA824 only)
Dimensions 235 (W) x 165 (L) x 75 (D) mm
Weight (batteries included) 1.0 kg
IP degree IP50
Reference temperature 23°C ± 5°C
Working temperature 0° ÷ 40°C
Working humidity < 80% UR
Storage temperature (batt. not included) -10 ÷ 60°C
Storage humidity < 80% UR
Safety IEC / EN61010-1
Insulation class 2 (double insulation)
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category CAT IV 600V to ground, max 1000V between inputs
Use max altitude 2000m
Power Quality IEC / EN50160
Quality of electrical power IEC / EN61000-4-30 class B
Flicker IEC / EN61000-4-15, IEC / EN50160
Unbalance IEC / EN61000-4-7, IEC / EN50160



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