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KEP HVT-70/50 Portable AC DC Hipot Tester


The KEP HVT-70/50 High Voltage Tester performs DC high-voltage testing of power cables (IEC 60502-2) up to 70 kV, power cables accessories (IEC 61442) as well as AC high-voltage testing, up to 50 kV at 50 Hz, of switchgear, reclosers, dielectric insulators, highvoltage dischargers (arresters), busbars and other dielectric materials with relatively low electric capacitance.


  • Consists of the  HVTS- control unit and a HVU-G high voltage unit
  • Able to apply high voltage onto a material to test insulation with control of leakage current
  • Measures voltage directly at the load
  • Removal of residual capacitive charge using secondary winding of transformer
  • High resistance to external influences – casing with cover prevents dust and moisture damage
  • Analogue indicators – two built-in analogue scales on control unit for voltage and current measurement
  • High contrast graphical display and intuitive user interface
  • Automatic and manual testing modes – configure to your own specifications
  • Data saving to EEPROM – save up to eight presets for commonly used functions and save measurements to data
  • Indication of voltage value output by the high voltage unit
  • Auxiliary protection – blocks output if insulating gas pressure is low, temperature is high or if overcurrents are present
  • External shorting rod with visible shorting indication
  • Built-in pressure and temperature sensors
  • 2 Year Warranty

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KEP HVT-70/50 Portable AC DC Hipot Tester

The KEP HVT-70/50 Portable AC DC Hipot Tester tests the insulation of high voltage cables and other non-liquid dielectric materials with this bundle pack from KEP Power Systems!

The KEP HVT-70/50 Portable AC DC Hipot Tester comes with the ability to perform testing both automatically or manually. In automatic mode, the system will control and adjust the unit using a built-in context menu which the user can navigate through. Alternatively, specific tests can be configured to the user’s specifications and up to eight preset functions can be stored for easy repeat testing in different applications.

The system includes both a control unit and a high voltage unit, allowing the user to apply specific configurations to the material under test. By using the control panel, the user can easily easily configure and test RMS values of both AC voltage and current and filters out the effects of crest factor to reduce the chance of error.


As the control unit is independent from the main system, the user can remain safe at all times by standing a safe distance away. Built-in auxiliary protection also automatically blocks output from the HV unit if insulating gas pressure is low, temperature is high and will block supply voltage if there is overcurrent present in the HVU supply circuit.


KEP HVT-70/50 Portable AC DC Hipot Tester Specifications

Parameter Value
Supply voltage single-phase alternating current, V 230 ± 23
Frequency, Hz 50 ± 2
Maximum power consumption, kVA, max 3
Highest output voltage, kV:
– AC 50
– DC 70
Highest output current, mA:
– on AC voltage 44
– on DC voltage 14
Reduced voltage error, %, max:
– AC voltage from 2 kV to 50 kV ± 3
– DC voltage from 2 kV to 70 kV ± 3
Reduced current error, %, max:
– AC from 1,0 mA to 45,0 mA ± 3
– DC from 0,5 mA to 14,5 mA ± 3
Maximum current threshold on the high-voltage side, mA, max:
– AC voltage 45
– DC voltage 14.5
Control Unit dimensions, mm, max   349 × 256 × 240
Control Unit Weight, kg, max 14
High Voltage Unit dimensions, mm, max  360 × 500 × 310
High Voltage Unit weight, kg, max 35