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KYORITSU 2003A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter 2000A


  • Can measure both AC and DC current with transformer jaws of large diameter.
  • Can measure AC and DC currents up to 2000A.
  • AC/DC voltage, resistance measurement and continuity functions also available.
  • Output terminal for connection to recorders.
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KYORITSU 2003A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter 2000A Features:

  • Digital clamp-meter measures AC and DC to 2,000A, AC voltage to 750V, DC voltage to 1,000V, and resistance to 4,000 ohms
  • Average-sensing meter provides accurate readings when measuring linear loads, where the current or voltage has a sinusoidal waveform
  • Clamp with 55mm (2.16 inches) jaw opening measures current without touching or interrupting the circuit
  • Maximum function displays the highest reading measured during a 400 millisecond sample
  • Meets IEC safety standards 61010-1, 61010-031, and 61010-2-032, and is rated for CAT IV installations to 600V and CAT III installations to 1,000V
AC A 400A/2000A (0~1000A)
|±1.5%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]
|±3%rdg±4dgt [40~500Hz]
|±5%rdg±4dgt [500Hz~1kHz]
2000A (1001~2000A)
|±3%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]
AC V 400/750V
|±1.5%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]
|±1.5%rdg±4dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
DC A 400/2000A ±1.5%rdg±2dgt
DC V 400/1000V ±1%rdg±2dgt
Ω 400/4000Ω|±1.5%rdg±2dgt
Continuity buzzer buzzer sounds below 50±35Ω
Output Recorder : DC400mV against AC/DC400A
DC200mV against AC/DC2000A
Conductor Size Ø55mm max.
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.IV 600V CAT.III 1000V
IEC 61010-031
IEC 61010-2-032
Frequency Response 40Hz~1kHz
Withstand Voltage 6880V AC for 5 seconds
Power Source R6P (AA) (1.5V) ×2
Dimensions 250(L) × 105(W) × 49(D)mm
Weight 530g approx.

Kyoritsu 2003A AC/DC 0 to 2000A has tear drop shaped jaws for use in tight spaces
Auto-Null function for one-touch zero adjustment
Maximum measurement function for ease of reading peak currents over a period of time


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