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MAGNUM PRO M-10 Hydraulic Calibration Pump


The MAGNUM PRO M-10 Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump utilizes a fully adjustable stroke control to allow for quick priming, easy pumping, and fast pressure generation up to 10,000 psi (700 bar). The ergonomically engineered handles provide extra comfort, while the patented triple filtration system ensures pump operation in spite of dirty conditions. The shatterproof reservoir and stainless steel construction guarantee leak free operation. The pump has oversized check valves to provide smooth controlled operation.

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MAGNUM PRO M-10 Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump

MAGNUM PRO M-10 Specifications:
  • 0 – 10,000 PSI (700 Bar)
  • Compatible with most hydraulic fluids, oils and water
  • Connections (2 ports) 1/4″ NPT/BSP
  • Weight – 3 lbs
  • Made in the USA
MAGNUM PRO M-10 Features:
  • Contoured cushion handles
  • Patented protective cage around vent knob
  • Priming feature
  • Patented triple filtration (prevents pump failure caused by dirt)
  • A non-oil based lubricant is used on all moving parts
  • Built in pressure relief valve (prevents over pressurizing)
  • Shatter proof reservoir
  • Oversized check valves for smooth controlled operation
  • 2 year warranty
Points to Remember:
  • Do not exceed maximum pressure of 10,000 psi (700 bar).
  • In order to use NPT fittings, the required NPT to BSP Parallel thread adapters need to be installed (adapters included).
  • Do not use thread sealant paste or tape on the male adapters {Paste or tape may be used on female adapters).
  • Bonded washers (included) are required to insure a proper seal. To seal the adapters, simply hand-tighten and snug up with a wrench. Do not over-tighten.
  • Use with distilled water or mineral-based hydraulic oil.
MAGNUM PRO M-10 Models
  • M-10: standalone
  • M-10KT: includes M-10 with hydraulic pump, 3ft high pressure hose, fittings, protective carrying case, 3 filters, test point, and fluid bottle
  • M-10WIN: includes M-10 w/Winchester Engineering Model 1 Auto Ranging Digital Gauge™ (vacuum to 3K PSI)
  • M-10WIN-FIT: includes everything in the M-10WIN plus FasTest universal quick connect kit and coupler for Swagelok tube fittings


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