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MAGNUM PRO MP-V Vacuum Calibration Pump


The MAGNUM PRO MP-V features a Delrin® plastic handle that prevents body heat transfer from interfering with readings, as well as an oversized check valve for smooth operation. The dual o-rings on all pistons ensure zero leakage. MP-V has been in service for over 4 years and can now be found in over one third of all power plants. The MAGNUM MP-V “will out perform any manufactured pump in it’s category”.

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  • Delrin® Plastic handle prevents body heat transfer
  • Oversized check valves for smooth controlled operation
  • Mash proof vent valve (No Needle Valve)
  • A patented non-oil based lubricant is used on all moving parts
  • Dual O-Rings on all pistons to ensure zero leakage
  • 2 year warranty
MAGNUM PRO MP-V Specifications
  • MP-V 0-28″Hg (depends on barometric pressure)
  • Connections (2 ports) 1/8 inch NPT
  • Weight 1.5lbs
  • 2ft hose and 1/4 inch fitting
  • Made in the USA
Points to Remember:
  • Insure that all gauges and Instruments to be callbrated are dis· connected from process pressures prior to connecting
    the pump. The maximum pump design pressure for both the MP·P and MP·V Is 150 pslg.
  • Connection to a pressure source greater than 150 pslg could cause serious Injury to person or damage to the pump.
  • The fittings and tubing on both the MP·P and MP·V are unique. To reattach tubing to any fittin& heat the tubing end
    with a heat gun or boiling water to soften the material. Then put the tubing onto the fitting with a twisting motion.
  • For best results, operate either pump with the vernier turned the mid position.
  • MP-V: Standalone
  • MP-V + HK-1: adds a 2ft non-stretch hose kit w/ fittings for side port. Note: Kits, hoses and fittings can be customized upon request.
  • MP-VKT: Kit includes a black padded canvas case embroidered in orange thread, 2ft non-stretch hose, fittings and Magnum pro M-4 stainless steel analog gauge 2″ 1/2 w/ protective rubber boot.
  • MP-VKT+HK-1: MP-VKT plus a 2ft non-stretch hose kit w/ fittings for side port. Note: Kits, hoses and fittings can be customized upon request.


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