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MEATEST M140 Multifunction Calibrator


The M140 represents a new concept of multifunctional calibrators, which generate not only the standard electric parameters but also parameters for temperature and energy applications. Apart from this, the calibrator generates non-harmonic signals for the testing of equipment with non-zero distortion input signals. The signals can be generated with variable frequency, amplitude and pulse-width ratio.The simulation of DIN thermocouples and RTD sensors is provided.

The M140 is a high accuracy and high stability instrument with easy operation, which can be used for the calibration of multimeters, analog instruments, panel meters, clamp ampermeters, hand-held calibrators, watt-meters, electrometers, oscilloscopes, thermometers, dataloggers, X-Y recorders etc. A built-in multimeter function can be utilized for simultaneous testing/calibration of transmitters, regulators and other controllers without the need of using supporting equipment.

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MEATEST M140 Multifunction calibrator M140 is a calibrator – tester, determined mainly as standard of electric quantities in calibration laboratories. It can be used for calibration of electrical quantity meters from the field of voltage, current, resistance, capacity and frequency. Installed harmonic and non-harmonic shape signals as well make it possible to test parameters of the meters by a signal with various crest factor. Frequency modes enable to set frequency, amplitude and duty ratio of the output signal. They are suitable for basic calibration of oscilloscopes. The calibrator is equipped with possibility to measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors. Built-in multimeter can be used independently or in simultaneous operation with source part of the calibrator together. Testing of transducers of various types, regulators and evaluating units can be perform with it without necessity to use any other measuring instrument.

M140 multifunction calibrator is available in bench-top version.

Basic parameters

Basic function of the calibrator is generating of the calibrated DC/AC voltage in the range from 0 V to 1000 V and DC/AC current in the range from 0 A to 20 A . Using a 50-turn coil the current range can be extended from 50 µA to 500 A. The best accuracy of the calibrator on DC voltage ranges is 0.0035 %, on AC voltage ranges 0.03 %, on DC current ranges 0.013 % and on AC current ranges 0.055 %. Maximum frequency range is from 20 Hz to 100 kHz for harmonic output waveform. The calibrator is equipped with the function of generation the periodic non-harmonic signals with the defined crest factor. Thus it makes possible to test sensitivity of multimeters to distorted signals. Next function of the calibrator is simulation of resistance and capacity. With the calibrator, the resistance in range from 0 Ω to 50 MΩ and capacitance from 1 nF to 50 µF can be simulated with the enough precision for calibration of common used hand-held multimeters. The basic accuracy of the resistance ranges is 0.03 %, of the capacitance ranges it is 0.5 %. The resistance may be used both with DC and AC signals up to 1 kHz.

The frequency function of the calibrator makes it possible to generate a square wave signal with adjustable and calibrated duty ratio, frequency and amplitude in range from 1 mV to 10 V in the frequency band up to 10 kHz. In the mode HF the square wave signal up to 20 MHz with a very low risetime can be generated. The frequency functions are suitable for the calibrations of corresponding frequency ranges of the multimeters, and for calibration of the channel sensitivities and time bases of the oscilloscopes as well.

For calibrations of DC and one-phase AC power-meters and energy meters, the power – energy mode is determined. Output voltage can be set up to 240 V and output current up to 10 A with the power factor in range from -1 to +1 in the frequency band from 20 Hz to 400 Hz. Current capability of the voltage output is 30 mA. It allows to calibrate also analogue power-meters which has usually higher consumption. For calibrations of the thermometers and temperature regulators, the function of simulation of temperature sensors is determined. Calibrator is able to simulate all common used Pt and Ni resistance sensors and TC sensors of the R, S, B, J, T, E, K and N types as well. Compensation of the TC cold junction is made either by entering value from the keyboard, or automatically by measuring the ambient temperature with Pt-100 sensor. The precision of the simulated resistance and TC sensors depends on set value and type of the sensor. For resistance sensors uncertainty band is in the range from 0.04°C to 0.5°C, for TC sensors from 0.4°C to 4.0°C.

Built-in multimeter

Internal multimeter with basic capability to measure DC current to 20 mA, DC voltage to 10 V, resistance to 2 kΩ and frequency to 15 kHz is standard part of the calibrator. With accuracy of 0.01 % it enables to measure output signals of various types of transducers. With external TC or resistance temperature sensor temperature can be scan and similarly, with external strange gauge sensorspressure, torsion, strength, etc. can be measured and displayed.

Calibrator – Tester

Calibrator can be used in simultaneous mode, i.e. selected output signal is generated and the response of the device under test is measured at the same time by internal multimeter. Programmable capability of the calibrator enables setting of 10 steps defined by output signal function and output value on source side and awaiting response of DUT measured by internal multimeter including allowed limits of the DUT. The testing can run automatically. After completing information of the PASS/FAIL type in each step is displayed on the front panel screen. With the testing function an isolated relay contacts are coupled, which enables to control other (sorting) equipments.

User comfort

M140 Calibrator is equipped with a number of other functions which make its use easier. Among them belong possibility to set relative deviations from the actual value of the selected output signal, displaying of the output signal uncertainty, internal calibration procedure and others. Concept of the calibrator’s control and indication uses a large area luminescence display on which all necessary information is concentrated. The control is perform by selection from the menu. Moreover, frequently used functions have firmly assigned keys with direct control. Normally, the calibrator is equipped with the GPIB bus and with the RS-232 serial port making it possible to be controlled by personal computer.

The calibrator can be included into MEATEST´s WinQbase software calibration systems.

MEATEST M140 Features:

  • DC and AC voltages up to 1000 volts.
  • DC and AC currents up to 20 amps.
  • Resistance up to 50Ω..
  • Capacitance up to 50µF.
  • TC / RTD temperature sensor simulation.
  • Frequency output up to 20 MHz.
  • Electric power up to 240V / 10 amps
  • Built-in process multimeter
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.
General Specifications
Warm up Time 1-hour
Working Temperature Range 23°C ±10°C
Reference Temperature 23°C ±2°C
Power Supply 115V – 220V/230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 45VA without load. Maximum 150VA with full load
Safety Class I according to ISO EN 61010
Used fuses inside instrument 2 x F315mL250
2x F1.6L250
Used Resistors with Fuse Effect 1 x 0.5R MRS16T 1%
18 x IR MRS16T 1%
Dimensions 480mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 150mm (H)
Basic Accessories (included in delivery
Power 1 x Power line cord
Manual 1 x User’s manual
Report 1 x Test report
Fuse 1 x Spare fuse
Test Cable 2 x Test cable 1000V/20A (1 meter long)
Option 40 1 x Cable adapter Canon 25/2x Banana, 1m
Option 60 1 x Cable adapter Canon 25/4x Banana, 1m
Option 70 1 x Adapter for four-terminal resistance sourcing


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