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MEATEST M141 Portable Multifunction Calibrator


The M141 Multifunction calibrator is designed for use in calibration laboratories, quality departments and production lines as a standard for electric quantity meter testing. With the model M141, calibration of voltmeters to 750V, ammeters to 2A, resistance ranges of multimeters and industrial evaluation units can be performed easily. Interface RS-232 enables to add the calibrator to the automated calibration and testing systems.

The M141 can work under Meatest application SW like WinQbase and Caliber. Version M141R contains built-in programmable RTD simulator for simulation of Pt/Ni temperature sensors.

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MEATEST M141 Features:

  • DC and AC voltages up to 750 volts.
  • DC and AC currents up to 2 amps.
  • Fix standard resistors from 10Ω to 10MΩ in decade values.
  • TC temperature sensor simulation.
  • Frequency output up to 20MHz
  • RS-232 and GPIB interfaces.


General Specifications
Warm up Time 1-hour
Working Temperature Range 23°C ±10°C
Reference Temperature 23°C ±2°C
Temperature Coefficient Temperature coefficient for temperature outside of Tcal ±2°C
between +5°C to +40°C is 0.15 x/°C
Power Supply 115V – 220V/230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 40VA maximum
Dimensions 325 (W) x 316mm (D) x 111mm (H)
Basic Accessories (included in delivery
Power 1 x Power line cord
Manual 1 x Operators manual
Report 1 x Test report
Fuse 1 x Spare fuse
Test Cable 2 x Test cable 750V/20A (1 meter long)
Interface Cable 1 x RS-232 cable
Temperature Cable 1 x RTD test cable (note: with RTD simulator option built-in only)


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