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MEGGER MFT1825 Electrical Installation Safety Tester


Megger MFT1825 sets a new standard for multifunction testers

Perfect for the industrial/commercial electrician plus (as CAT 4) power company employee. The MFT1825 has a full range RCD tests including auto & ramp tests plus 3 phase RCD, programmable RCD, leakage current, phase rotation, & included calibration certificate. Includes remote operation probe to simplify operation.

  • Meets testing requirements of AS/NZS3000.
  • Insulation testing + meter protection on live circuits.
  • Two wire, non trip & hi current earth loop testing.
  • Full range RCD tests including auto & ramp tests.
  • Plus 3 phase RCDs with no earth.
  • Resistance & continuity. Phase rotation. Polarity.
  • Voltage.
  • Frequency.
  • Earth Testing with optional accessories.
  • Current measurement with optional accessory.
  • CAT-IV safety rating.


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Megger MFT1825 Product Description

MFT1825 – The most popular of the range of testers offering all the benefits of the MFT1815, plus 3-pole and 2-pole earth electrode testing, 15 mA continuity testing, auto RCD testing, phase rotation, programmable and 3-phase RCD testing and current measurement with the optional clamp. 

  • Type B RCD testing for solar installations and 3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications
  •   Choice of 3-pole, 3-pole with attached rod technique, 2-pole and stakeless tests for earth electrode resistance measurement
  •   Reverse polarity monitoring and correction on live tests
  •   Phase rotation indication for verification of rotating machinery
  •   Auto reversing continuity test of a choice of 200 mA and 15 mA test currents
  •   On-board data storage and Bluetooth® download
Voltage & frequency 600V (RMS), 400Hz
Insulation resistance test voltages 250, 500, 1000 V
Adjustable insulation alarm limits
Continuity Test
Loop Impedance Test with PFC ● (40kA PFC)
Phase to Phase Loop Test(480V)
RCD Test Range 50 – 500V
45 – 65Hz
Auto RCD Test
RCD ramp Test
RCDs Type Tests AC, A (G&S)
3 Phase RCD Test
3 Pole & Stakeless Earth resistance
Phase Rotation
Memory (1000 measurements)
Bluetooth Interface
Power 8 x AA alkaline batteries


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