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Reed 8230 Digital Manometer (30psi)

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This Reed 8230 Digital Manometer with range of 0 to 30 psi is ideal for pressure measurements with a great ±0.3% accuracy of full scale at 25°C.

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REED 8230 Digital Manometer (30 PSI, pocket size):

This pocket size manometer is ideal pressure instruments for HVAC/R technicians. REED 8230 digital manometer can measure pressure up to 60 psi with ±0.3% of full scale outstanding accuracy, and thanks to its 2 display areas keep you constantly updated with the pressure measurements. It offers a wealth of functions including data hold and max/min record.

REED 8230 Features

  • ideal for HVAC/R technicians measuring pressure
    level, Medical equipment ,Computer peripherals, Pneumatic Controls.
  • Digital display of gauge or differential pressure
  • Data hold
  • Display backlight
  • Auto power off
  • Max/Min Record
  • Optional RS-232 interface
  • Low battery indicator
  • Simple fittings for hose connection
  • Select from one of 11 different pressure units

REED 8230 Specifications

  • Pressure Ranges: 0 to 30 psi;
  • Maximum Pressure: 60 psi;
  • Accuracy: ±0.3% of full scale at 25°C
  • Linearity and Hysteresis: ±0.29% FSO
  • Repeatability: ±0.2% FSO
  • Response Time: 0.3 msec
  • Temperature Compensation: 0 to 50°C
  • Power Supply: 9V alkaline battery, included.

What’s included with the REED 8230

  • REED 8230 Digital Anemometer
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 9V Battery
  • Connection Hose
  • Manual

Using the Auto Power Off function
This instrument will shut off automatically in approx. 20 minutes for every power on. For recording or operating over longer periods of time, you can disable the sleep mode before power on.

Choosing the units
Pressing the “Unit” button, the units will cycle through “bar” ,”mmHg”,”ozin2″,”kgcm2″ ,”psi”,”inH2O”,”kPa”,”ftH2O” ,”inHg” ,”cmH2O” ,”mbar” ,which indicated on the bottom of the display.

Using the Differential Pressure Function
Simply press the DIF button and the “DIF” appears on top of the LCD and the display indicates the relative zero (Relative zero causes the value of the display to show as “0.0”)-only the amount of pressure change will be indicated. Press the DIF button again and the unit returns to the normal mode of pressure differential.


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