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Reed GD-3300 Combustible Gas Detector

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REED GD-3300 Offers

The REED Combustible Gas Leak Detector is a battery operated device that is designed to transmit warnings via a series of audible and visible signals, such as alarms and flashing lights, when dangerous levels of gas vapors are detected. The GD-3300 can be used to trace leaks from natural gas lines, propane tanks, butane tanks, or any other combustible gas source and warn of a dangerous gas level.


  • Detects a wide variety of gases, including some toxic gases and nuisance vapors
  • Following is a partial list of the more common gases detected: Natural Gas; Propane; Butane; Methane; Acetone; Alcohol; Ammonia; Steam; Carbon Monoxide; Gasoline; Jet Fuel; Hydrogen Sulfide; Smoke; Industrial Solvents; Lacquer Thinner; Naphtha
  • Precision semi-conductor sensor detects even the smallest leaks
  • Audible (variable tick rate) and visible indications help to pinpoint leak sources
  • Adjustable sensitivity helps to eliminate background gas concentrations in contaminated environments

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1 Year Warranty

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The Combustible Gas Leak Detector has a 16” gooseneck probe to find leaks in hard-to-reach areas. It’s adjustable alarm, one-hand operation with thumb-controlled sensitivity adjustment, and impact-resistant storage case add up to value and convenience.

REED GD-3300 Specifications

Sensitivity 50 ppm methane
Response Time < 2 seconds
Alarm Limit At 10% LEL for methane (can be calibrated for other

concentrations or gases up to 40% LEL)

Power Supply 3 x “C” batteries
Battery Life 8 hours of continuous use
Probe Length 16″ gooseneck

What’s included with the REED GD-3300

  • GD-3300 Combustible Gas Detector
  • Batteries
  • Earphone Jack (for noisy environments)

 Replacing the Batteries

Replace your 1.5 volt /size R14C(B) alkaline batteries when: • The green READY light off • No light or other activity occurs upon turning the instrument on To replace the batteries: 1. Lay the instrument face-down on a back face. 2.Remove the battery cover. Apply upward pressure to the tab at the bottom of the battery cover while lifting it out. 3.Remove the batteries using a coin or screwdriver, if necessary, to pry them out. 4.Replace all three batteries with new ones.

Replacing the Sensor

Although the sensor is designed to offer many years of reliable service, it may become inoperable if it is submerged in liquid or otherwise physically damaged. To replace sensor: 1. Turn the instrument off 2.Remove the upper tip guard by pressing straight up from the alignment notch that separates the two halves of the tip guard. 3. This is a sturdy component, but use caution bending its leads. 4. Pull the sensor straight up from its tip housing. 5.Replace the sensor, pressing it straight in. 6.Reassemble in reverse order.


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