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Reed TM-8811 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Probe with Velocity

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The REED TM-8811 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron. The REED TM-8811 provides ±(0.5% + 0.2″/0.1mm) accuracy and was featured with functions such as auto calibration or automatic material calibration. The Reed TM-8811 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter has a velocity range of 500 to 9000 m/s and velocity range of 500 to 9000 m/s.

 PDF   REED TM-8811 Instruction Manual

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REED TM-8811 Features

  • Digital display provides exact readings without guessing or errors
  • Auto calibration
  • Automatic material calibration
  • Selectable metric or imperial measuring units
  • Broad band receiving sensitivity means the meter can read probes of different frequencies
  • Can display sound velocity at the touch of a button
  • Automatic power off
  • Use the material selection button to accurately measure the thickness of steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron & nodular cast iron

How to use Reed TM-8811 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

With the Reed TM-8811Ultrasonic Gauge turned on, select the correct unit of measure by pressing the mm/inch button. Place the Ultrasonic sensor on the material surface being measured. Select the correct Material selection code and verify the coupling is okay by verifying that the Coupling indicator symbol is on. The reading on the display is the measurement value. The reading will be held until a new measurement is taken or until the unit is turned off.

To select the Sound velocity code, simply continue pressing the Plus or Minus buttons until you see a 4-digit number in the display. The 4-digit number represents the last sound velocity measurement taken. When selecting this velocity, you can measure the thickness of the same material as the last.

Measuring Sound Velocity – Press the “VEL” button and the display will show the last velocity measurement.

REED TM-8811 Specifications

Measuring Range 0.05 to 7.9″/1.5 to 200mm #45 steel
Resolution 0.004″/0.1mm
Accuracy ±(0.5% + 0.2″/0.1mm)
Velocity Range 500 to 9000 m/s
Display 4-digit, 10mm high LCD
Power Supply 4 x 1.5V “AA” alkaline batteries
Dimensions 161 x 69 x 32mm
Weight 258g with batteries



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