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Reed TP-01 Type-K Thermocouple Wire Probe

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The Reed TP-01 is a Type K thermocouple wire probe for use with a digital thermometer or multimeter (sold separately) in industrial applications. Terminated with a standard mini-connector. Connector is color coded according to ANSI standards for identification.

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Other Probes

MODEL LS-103 AIR/GAS PROBE Specially designed to measure air or gases in heating and cooling units, ovens and engine exhausts. Perforated shield permits fasts response while providing exceptional element protection. Maximum temperature: 800°C Dimensions: Wire: 60″; Handle: 5″; Probe: 6-3/4″

MODEL LS-104 RIGHT ANGLE SURFACE PROBE Unique right angle design allows temperature of hard to reach areas to be taken. Great for monitoring temperature inside pipes, also flat surfaces, without keeping hands over heated area. Maximum temperature: 400°C Dimensions: Wire: 60″; Handle: 5″; Probe: 7″

MODEL LS-107 GENERAL PURPOSE PROBE Used to measure both air or liquids, but is best recommended for immersion applications: Excellent for checking temperature of oils, water and non-corrosive fluids. Maximum temperature: 700°C Dimensions: Wire: 60″; Handle: 5″; Probe: 6″

MODEL LS-109 SURFACE PROBE Ribbon-style surface probe. Maximum temperature: 400°C. Dimensions: Wire: 60″; Handle: 5″; Probe: 6-1/4″

MODEL LS-134A NEEDLE TIP PROBE Medium gauge hypodermic needle tip, used to measure softer food stuffs, rubbers and solids. Ideal for use in industrial, laboratory and chemical environments. Maximum temperature: 800°C Dimensions: Wire: 60″; Handle: 5″; Probe: 6″

MODEL LS-139 SURFACE PROBE Spring loaded probe is ideal for high temperature surface measuring requirements. Extremely fast response time. Not recommended for use as an immersion probe. Maximum temperature: 500°C Dimensions: Wire: 60″; Handle: 5″; Probe: 7″

MODETP-0L 1 TYPE K THERMOCOUPLE WIRE PROBE • MODEL LS-181 & LS-182 THERMOCOUPLE CONNECTOR Type K connector uses Chromel-Alumel alloy in a yellow shell; glass filled nylon; rated to 425°F


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