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Tenmars TM-185 LED Temperature, Humidity Monitor


TM-185…. Large LED Screen (23mm x 120mm)
Temperature/Humidity Monitor

Product Description

  • Complete environmental monitor and alarm.
  • Wall mounted easy reading large LED display for simultaneous reading of Humidity and Temperature.
  • Dual LED display: maximum reading Primary Display is 1999, maximum reading of bottom Secondary Display is 999.
  • Time clock.
  • Alarm set for Hi and Low limit. Temperature and Humidity.
  • LED Display, displays real-time data.


  • Warehouses, Laboratories, Electronics Manufacturing, Refrigerators/Freezers, Hospitals Blood Supplies, Tissue Banks, Computer Rooms, Clean Rooms, Defence Environments, and other critical areas.

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LCD Character Dimensions 214mm x 120mm (8.4″ x 4.73″)
Temperature Ranges -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±1.0°C (-5°C to 40°C), ±1.8°F (23°F to 104°F), other ±2.0°C/3.6°F
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C and 0.1°F
Temperature Updating Rate One time per second
Temperature Sensor Type Diode
Relative Humidity Range 5% to 95%
Relative Humidity Accuracy ±2.0% RH (at 25°C, 35% to 80% RH) ±2.5% RH (at at 25°C, 10% to 35%, 80% to 90% RH) other ±5% RH (at 25°C, <10% RH, >90% RH)
Relative Humidity Resolution 1.0%
Relative Humidity Response Time less than 4 seconds
Dew Point Range -30°C to 100°C (-22°F to 212°F)
Wet Bulb Range 0°C to 80°C (32°F to 176°F)
Relative Humidity Response Time Below 4 seconds
General Specifications
Power Supply AC/DC 50/60Hz adapter (9V/1A)
Battery Backup 9 Volt battery enables continued measurement during power disruption
Dimensions 260mm (L) x 178mm (W) x 47mm (D)
Weight 1000g
Ordering Information
Model Name Description
Tenmars TM-185 Temperature and Humidity Monitor
Included accessories: User’s manual, 9-volt battery,
Tenmars TM-185D Temperature and Humidity Monitor Datalogger
Included accessories: User’s manual, 9-volt battery, and AC/DC adapter
Weight 1.5 kg


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