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Tenmars TM-4002 Hot Wire Anemometer With Flow, Temp & Humidity


Tenmars TM-4002 Hot Wire Anemometer for Flow, Temperature & Humidity.

The TM-4002 hot wire anemometer is used to undertake measurements of air velocity and air temperature / humidity in spaces where the vane anemometer cannot be used, typically in HVAC ducts.and vents. This instrument benefits from a LCD triple display, which can show both air speed and temperature, and the backlight makes this display easy to read in dimly lit areas.

The TM-4002 is able to calculate both air velocity, and air volume and has a wide array of features designed to make testing simple and fast.

The TM-4002 hot wire anemometer lends itself to many applications, including air balancing, fire matrix testing, paint booths, ventilation systems, and environmental testing. The probe is housed within a telescopic device for access to hard to reach areas.


  • Thermal anemometer, available for low air velocity measurements
  • Slim telescopic probe – Ideal for grilles and diffusers or in duct measurements,
  • Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor delivers rapid and precise measurements.
  • Recalls MAX / MIN / AVG readings in real time or with data hold.
  • Microprocessor circuit for maximum accuracy, provides special functions and features.
  • Triple display LCD with backlight, reading velocity, and temperature or flow simultaneously
  • Portable anemometer provides fast accurate readings with digital readability.
  • Multi function for airflow measurement: m/s, km/h, ft/min, MPH, knots, Beaufort and temperature (°C or °F), plus humidity and dewpoint.
  • Air Flow in either cubic meters per minute (CMM) or cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Fast Response Probe using Platinum Sensors.
  • Memory for up to 99 records.


  • Environmental testing
  • Air conveyors
  • Flow hoods
  • Clean rooms
  • Air velocity
  • Air balancing
  • Fans, motor and blowers
  • Furnace velocity
  • Refrigerated cases and coldrooms
  • Paint spray booths

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  • The Tenmars TM-4002 displays air (wind) speed in meters/second, feet/minute, kilometers/hr, knots, and miles/hr
  • Displays maximum and minimum readings and holds any reading
  • Manual Data Memory and read function (99 records)
  • Dew point, Wet Bulb calculation

Air Flow (volume) Calculation:

Unit Range Resolution Accuracy
CMM 0~9999 0.1
CFM 0~9999 0.1

Temperature Measurement:

Unit Range Resolution Accuracy
-20~60 0.1 ±1℃
-4~140 0.1 ±1.8℉


Unit Range Resolution Accuracy
%RH 20~80 0.1 ±3.5%RH
%RH <20, >80 0.1 ±5%RH

 Keep the meter away from electromagnetic interference (EMI) which may cause erratic readings.

 Please turn off the meter to avoid the sensor burned when you have finished testing the high wind speed (more than 20m/s) and remove the probe.

 To extend the probe, hold the handle in one hand while pulling on the probe tip with the other hand. Do not hold the cable while extending the probe.

 Remove the sensor protective cover, make sure the sensor window is fully exposed and the orientation is facing upstream.

 To retract the probe, hold the handle in one hand while pushing on the probe tip with the other hand. If the probe antenna binding, please gently straightened probe, and then the rest of the extension of section pressure back and don’t pull the cable.

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