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Tenmars TM-413 Velocity, Flow, Temperature and Humidity Meter


the Tenmars TM-414 allows measurement of air velocity, air temperature and air volume. This is a vane air flow meter (anemometer) with a dual digital display and a 45mm vane housed at the end of a 95cm long cable, with an easy connector making it simple and quick to plug into the main unit.

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The Tenmars TM-413 can measure air velocity in various units from 0.4m/s up to 25m/s with a resolution of 0.1m/s, and is also capable of measuring temperature from -20 up to +60 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity from 20% to 80%, making it an ideal instrument for diagnosing air flow and air conditioning faults.

The Tenmars TM-413 is supplied complete with carry case, calibration certificate, and user manual.

Tenmars TM-413 Features:

  • 45mm, 4-plastic blade vane.
  • High sensitivity,  Light air response 0.4m/s.
  • Air flow calculation function.
  • Fast Response Temperature Function.
  • Humidity Sensor.
  • Atmospheric Pressure Sensor.
  • Min/Max/Avg and Data Hold functions.
  • Datalogging capacity: 99 records.
  • Memory recall function.
  • Large display with Backlight function.
  • Auto power Off with disable function.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Sample rate: one time/second.
Air Velocity
Units Ranges Resolution Accuracy
m/s 0.4 to 45 0.1 ±3% of rdg + 0.2
Km/hr 1.5 to 160 0.1 ±3% of rdg + 0.8
mph 0.9 to 100 0.1 ±3% of rdg + 0.4
knots 0.8 to 88 0.1 ±3% of rdg + 0.4
ft/min 79 to 8800 1 ±3% of rdg + 40
Beaufort 1 to 12 1
Air Flow (Volume) Calculation
Units Ranges Resolution Accuracy
CMM 0 to 9999 1
CFM 0 to 9999 1
Units Ranges Resolution Accuracy
°C -20°C to 60°C 0.1° ±1°C
°F -4°F to 140°F 0.1° ±1°F
Units Ranges Resolution Accuracy
% RH 20 to 80 0.1 ±3.5% RH
% RH < 20 > 80 0.1 ±5.0% RH


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