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Tenmars TM-604N Three-Phase Motor Rotation Tester



  • Display by LED indicators.
  • Inter-phase voltage: 45V AC up to 600V AC.
  • Signal Frequency Range: 45Hz to 400Hz.
  • Test Currents inter-phase less than 3.5mA.
  • Two UL 500mA/700V fuse protection.
  • Low battery detection.


  • Phase sequence testing. Three phase motor installation and maintenance.
  • Check motors for rotation direction.
  • Identifies the phase sequence of three phase electrical systems.
  • Indicates normal or reversed phases as well as loss of phase.

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The Tenmars TM-604N is a compact phase rotation tester with plug-in leads and electronic circuitry. This unit gives phase and sequence indication fpr three phase systems. The leads have large crocodile clips that easily clip onto most switchboards. It will identify 3 phases, their sequence and number of phase. Used to test the three phase connection when installing motors, pumps, conveyor lines, drives, etc.

Tenmars TM-604N Three-Phase Motor Rotation Tester Ordering Information:
Model Name Description
Tenmars TM-604N Three-Phase Motor Rotation Tester
Included accessories: User’s manual, battery, carrying case, three test leads complete with removable alligator clips.
Weight .5 kg


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