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Yokogawa DL850E ScopeCorder, Noise-resistant, Ultra-fast Memory


Yokogawa DL850E has enhanced capabilities for design and development such as CAN & LIN Buses monitoring. The DL850V displays and records vast amounts of data with continuous data recording into a hard disk drive in real time.

  • Simultaneously Measure and Analyze 3 Phase Inputs and 3 Phase Outputs
  • Analyze the Dynamics of Electric Drive Trains Vehicle Testing Sustainable
  • Operation of Urban Mobility Time Synchronization Measurements
  • Real-Time Evaluation of Dynamic Behavior within Power Applications
  • Precise Measurement of Fast Switching Signals Even in the Harshest Environments, Durability test/ Surveillance test

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The Yokogawa DL850E ScopeCorder is designed for engineers working in the automotive and railway industry. A common measurement challenge is to combine measurements of electrical signals, physical performance parameters, indicated by sensors, together with CAN- or LIN-bus data transmitted by the powertrain management system. A Yokogawa DL850E ScopeCorder  addresses this requirement by providing a thorough insight into the dynamic behavior of the electromechanical system. The result is a considerable saving of time compared to other approaches such as analysis on a PC or the use of other software.
The DL850E ScopeCorder can display CAN- and/or LIN-protocol communication data as trend waveforms on the display by using the CAN Bus Monitor Module (720240) or CAN & LIN Bus Monitor Module (720241). By identifying the correlation between communication data on the vehicle-installed LAN and analog data such as voltage, temperature, and sensor signals or the ECU’s control logic signal, a vehicle’s overall LAN system can be evaluated.

Yokogawa DL850E Features:

  • Continuous data recording
  • Real-Time Measurement of Electrical Power – /G3 option
  • Real-Time Mathematical Computations and Digital Filtering – /G5 option
  • User defined computations – /G2 option
  • Choose from 17 different types of input modules
  • Continuous data recording for durability test and/or surveillance test , Max. 128-CH measurements
  • Record measurements up to 200 days to internal hard disk
  • Memory offers long duration measurement and two instantaneous zoom locations —2 GPoint memory
  • Powerful trigger functions with unique features such as Dual-Capture & History Memory
  • New power MATH trend calculations such as Active Power, Power Factor, Integrated Power and Harmonics
  • GPS or IRIG time synchronization
  • Flexible and swappable input modules with built-in signal conditioning
  • Capture high speed transients during long term recording using “Dual capture”
  • “History Memory”, so you’ll never miss an abnormal waveform
  • Time synchronization for accurate measurements
  • Real time filter and High resolution mode — for precision waveform observation
  • Processes noise rejection and executes powerful computations in real time
  • Automated measurement of waveform parameters — Automatically display numeric values
  • Computation functions — quickly analyze information ‘hiding’ in waveforms
  • Multi-channel and continuous measurement (Power +)
    • 6-input (3-voltage and 3-current) waveforms for 2-system simultaneous measurement
Yokogawa DL850E ScopeCorder Specifications:
Memory (main unit)
Max. Record
Standard 250 Mpts (1 CH)
10 Mpts/CH (16 CH)
/M1 option 1 Gpts (1CH)
50 Mpts/CH (16 CH)
/M2 option 2 Gpts (1CH)
100 Mpts/CH (16 CH)
* Dependent on modules and no. of channels
Channels 16CH/Slot, 128CH/Unit
(Maximum simultaneous display waveform is 64 waveforms x 4 screen selectable)
Number of plug-in module slots 8 total
Max 4 for 720210 modules
Time axis accuracy ±0.005%
Display: 10.4-inch TFT color LCD monitor, 1024×768(XGA)
Display res. of waveform display: selectable either 801×656 (normal waveform display) or
1001×656 (wide waveform display)
Display format: Max 3 simultaneous displays available
In addition to main, 2 more waveforms available among zoom 1, zoom 2, XY1, XY2, FFT1, FFT2 (/G2 option), Vector (/G5 option), Bar graph (/G5 option)
Acquisition mode: Normal Normal waveform acquisition
Envelope Maximum sample rate regardless of record time, holds peak value
Averaging Average count 2 to 65536 (2n steps)
Box (av.) Increase A/D resolution up to 4 bits (max 16 bits)
Dual capture
Main waveform
(low speed)
Maximum sample rate 100kS/s (roll mode region)
Maximum record length 1G point (/M2, 1CH)
Capture waveform
(high speed)
Maximum sample rate 100MS/s
Maximum record length 500k point
Performs data acquisition on the same waveform at 2 different sample rates
Real Time HD Recording
Maximum sample rate Maximum1MS/s (1CH used), 100kS/s (16CH used) depends on channel used
(/HD0,/HD1 option) Capacity Depends on HDD vacant capacity
Action Data can be stored in the hard disc at the same time of acquisition in accordance with trigger mode
Roll mode: It is effective when the trigger mode is set to auto/auto level/single/ON start, and time axis is greater than 100ms/div.
History memory: Maximum 5000 pages
PC Card Interface
Slots 2 (front panel (1), rear panel (1))
Supported card GPIB card (National Instruments NI PCMCIA-GPIB card),
Flash ATA memory card (PC card TYPE II), CF card + adapter
card, and various hard disk type PC cards
SD card slot: Memory cards conforms to SD, SDHC
USB memory: Mass storage device which conforms to USB Mass Storage Class Ver.1.1
External HDD Hard disc conforms to eSATA, FAT32
Built-in HDD 2.5 inch, 500GB, FAT32
Power supply: 100 to 120VAC/220 to 240VAC (automatic switching) — 50/60Hz
Power consumption: Max 200 VA
Operating Temperature: 5C° to 40C°
Dimensions: Approx. 355 mm (W) x 259 mm (H) x 202mm (D), excluding the grip and projections
Weight: Approx. 800 g


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