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Yokogawa MT10 Mini Manometer


Compared to the conventional metal sensor, it has high reproducibility and long term stability of characteristics, thus ensuring highly stable measurement. The MT10 is small and has a mass of about 700g. This makes it suitable for use at process industry sites, for diagnosing factory equipment and for various R & D applications.


  • High reliability (with silicon resonant sensor).
  • Available in three models:
    265302 (130kPa)
    265303 (700 kPa)
    265304 (3000kPa)
  • Resolution 0.01kPa, 0.1kPa, 1kPa.
  • Data hold function.
  • Zero adjustment function.
  • RS-232C interface.
  • Supplied with: Carrying case, Battery installed, Monkey spanner, Single-ended wrench, Duct tape, and user’s manual
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MT10 Series Specifications 
Measurement Model 265302 Model 265303 Model 265304
Kind of Pressure Gauge pressure Gauge pressure Gauge pressure
(Accuracy Guarantee Range)
0 to 130kPa 0 to 700kPa 0 to 3000kPa
0 to 1.3256kgf/cm2 0 to 7.138kgf/cm2 0 to 30.59kgf/cm2
0 to 13256mmH2O



0 to 975.1mmHg 0 to 5250mmHg


0 to 521.9 inH2O 0 to 2810 inH2O 0 to 12044 inH2O
0 to 38.39 inHg 0 to 206.7 inHg 0 to 885.9 inHg
0 to 18.85 psi 0 to 101.5 psi 0 to 435.1 psi
0 to 1300 mbar 0 to 7000 mbar 0 to 30.00 bar
Measurement Indication Range -2.5 to 110% of FS -2.5 to 110% of FS -2.5 to 110% of FS
Accuracy (Horizontally mounted, 23°C ±3°C, zero point adjusted) ±(0.04% of rdg
+0.03% of FS)
±0.1% of FS ±0.1% of FS
Resolution 0.01kPa 0.1kPa 1kPa
Maximum Allowable Input 500kPa 1000kPa 4500kPa
Internal Volume approx. 2cm3 approx. 2cm3 approx. 2cm3
Effect of Temperature ±0.02% of FE/10°C max. (Zero point)
±0.02% of FE/10°C max. (Span)
Effect of Mounting Direction ±0.1% of FS ±0.02% of FS ±0.01% of FS
Gas Leakage

10-5cm3/s max

Measurement Fluid

Gas only (non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-corrosive)

Measurement Fluid Temperature 5°C to 50°C 5°C to 50°C 5°C to 50°C
Pressure Sensor

Silicon resonant sensor

Pressure Sensing Element


Pressure Display Unit

kPa, kg/cm2, mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O, inHg, psi, mbar (bar)

Calibration Interval

1 year

Input Connection

Rc 1/4 or NPT 1/4

Material of Measurement Section

SUS316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C726

General Specifications
Display LCD display
Display Update Interval approx. 0.5 sec.
Response Time approx. 4 seconds (until the accuracy falls within the accuracy range)
Warm-up Time 1 minute maximum
Other Functions Comes with data hold function that holds indicated pressure value, and zero adjustment function.
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C; 20% to 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Power Supply 4 x 1.5 Volt Type ‘AA’ Alkaline batteries
Battery Life approx. 100 hours (continuous operation using alkaline batteries)
AC Adapter 100 to 120/220 to 240 Volts AC 50/60Hz (output 15V, 1.33A) (optional)
Communication Interface RS-232C Half-duplex transmission brain protocol. Transmission rate: 1200 bits/s
Insulation Resistance 500V DC/20MΩ or higher (between AC line and case) (when dedicated power kit is used).
Withstand Voltage 1500VAC/minute (between AC line and case) (when dedicated power kit is used).
Dimensions approx. 72mm (W) x 174mm (H) x 60mm (D) (excluding input connection section)
Weight approx. 700g (including battery


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