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Yokogawa MV1000 MV Advanced Recorder


The new Yokogawa MV1000 MVAdvanced portable paperless recorders are high performance and easy to use test instruments that handle a wide range of measurements in your lab, plant, or test stand.


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Yokogawa MV1000 Features/Benefits:

  • Multi-channel universal inputs

  • MV1000: up to 24 input channels.

  • Secure, high capacity memory.

  • Internal memory: 200 MB.
    (approximately 75-day continuous 12 channel measurement data storage at a 1-second data storage interval).

  • Data can be stored in external storage media, such as a CF card and USB memory.

  • Setup is fast and so easy that no manual is required.

  • Removable input terminals make wiring easier.

  • Wide range of input types. Accepts thermocouple (up to 18 types), RTD (up to 12 types), DC voltage (within ±50V), and contact inputs.

  • Insulated between channels, 1000V AC withstand voltage!

  • Text Save mode enables text data to be transferred directly to general-purpose software.

  • Choice of Compact Flash and USB removable storage media.

  • Choice of secure binary or versatile text data file formats.

  • Advanced network connectivity with Email, file transfer (FTP), and web server functions.

  • Battery model runs up to approximately 13 hours.


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