Avoid Dangerous Noise Levels with Sound Meters

Exposure to loud noises causes permanent hearing damage, but sound level meters can indicate when hearing protection is needed. OBIAT Electronics offers an assortment of meters and calibrating equipment to suit your needs … read more.

Measure Wind Speed with Our Anemometers

Anemometers measure the wind speed, and a variety of professionals and hobbyists can benefit from the information they provide. Our experienced staff at OBIAT Electronics can help you choose the right anemometer for your needs … read more.

Convenient Current Testing with Clamp Meters

Clamp meters are a quick and easy way to test the current in a circuit because you can clamp it around a wire instead of integrating an ammeter into the circuit. You don’t have to break the circuit to use it, so it allows you to test the current while an appliance or equipment is  … read more.

A Variety of Uses for Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers measure the temperature of objects quickly and from a distance which makes them valuable tools for a variety of applications. OBIAT Electronics offers an assortment of IR thermometers including ones specifically designed for the food industry … read more.

Follow These Steps When Buying Insulation Testers and Purchase Superior Products

The insulation in electrical systems and devices plays a critical role in keeping them safe to operate, but it doesn’t last forever. When it eventually degrades, insulation can cause short-circuits, resulting in electrical shocks and other hazards. Insulation testers provide an  … read more.

Moisture Meters for Woodworkers and More

Moisture meters are devices used to measure the amount of water in materials, and many meters are based on the percentage of the moisture content in wood. For example, a reading of 5% indicates that 5% of the wood content is water. A relative scale of 0-100 is then used for  … read more.

Want to Buy Digital Multimeters but Not Sure of What You Need? Find the Right Multimeter for Your Purposes

Testing equipment comes in many different forms, each of which is suited for specific purposes. Digital multimeters (DMM) are one of the more versatile pieces of test gear, and may serve several distinct purposes depending on the nature of your work. One thing must  … read more.

Investigate with Our Oscilloscopes

OBIAT Electronics offers a variety of Oscilloscopes including desktop & handheld from which to choose to suit your needs. Our well known customer service includes troubleshooting and technical assistance when you need it  … read more.

Stay Safe with RCD Testers

A residual current device (RCD), or safety switch, protects you from the most frequent cause of electrocution – a shock from electricity passing through the body to the earth  … read more.

How High-Quality Spectrum Analyzers from a Trusted Source Will Make Your Work Easier

Measuring signals is an important part of your job, so it’s vital to invest in equipment that can provide you with detailed measurements and reliable results. Your spectrum analyzers should come from trusted brands, and it always helps to purchase them from a seller who  … read more.

Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras Available from a Knowledgeable Retailer

Not all information is apparent to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean such data should be discounted. In fact, there are numerous professions where what’s apparent at first glance won’t be enough to enable you understand the problem at hand or the steps required to solve  … read more.