About Us

Quality and service

OBIAT has been established as an importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of quality test and measuring instruments for over 30 years. Based in Sydney Obiat can supply equipment throughout Australia. Customer satisfaction is paramount at Obiat Electronics Pty Ltd. Our senior staff  “hands on” experience in the Test & Measurement industry, so call us today, and let us provide you with quality and service that is second to none. Budgets get cut, but your workload continues to grow. Whether you’re a professional in the industrial, electrical, construction or HVAC industries, you need tools that help you get your everyday jobs done faster and save money at every step. Pages listed in our Technical Centre cover most industries, listing suitable products, as well as helpful application notes. Most products display up to date specifications, and most times we include these details in a pdf format.

Our product range covers everything from

Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Sources, AC Power Supplies, DC Power Supplies, Electrical Safety Testers, LCR Meters, Multimeters, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Power quality loggers, Infrared Cameras, Sound Level Meters, Lux/Light Meters, Process Calibrators, Clampmeters, Micro-ohmmeters, Ground Resistance testers, Water Quality Meters, Bench Meters, HVAC testers, Temperature Measuring Equipment,  Hand-Held Instruments, Specialty probes and more …. Obiat Electronics Pty Ltd sells the entire range of Yokogawa, GW Instek, Tenmars, HT Italia, Flir, Extech, B&K Instruments, KEP, Electro-PJP, Prova, Megger, Meatest, Kyoritsu and Reed Test & Measurement Equipment.