GW Instek PSU-Series Programmable Switching DC Power Supply


    The PSU-Series is a single output programmable switching DC power supply covering a power range up to 1520 watts. This Series of products include five models with the combination from 6 Volts to 60 volts rated output. As the PSU-Series can be connected in series (2 units) or in Parallel for maximum (4 units), capacity of connecting multiple PSU-Series for higher voltage or higher current output provides a broad coverage of applications.

    The C.V. / C.C. priority selection of the PSU-Series is a very useful feature for DUT protection. The conventional power supply normally operates under C.V. mode when the power supply is turned on. This could bring inrush current to the capacitive load or current-intensive load at the power output ON stage. Though the current becomes stable after the C.C. mode is activated, the current spike occurred at the C.V. and C.C. crossover point may possibly damage the DUT. At the power output stage, the PSU-Series is able to run under C.C. priority to limit the current spike occurred at the threshold voltage and therefore protects the DUT from the inrush current damage.

    The OVP and OCP protections can prevent the DUT damage. Both OVP and OCP levels can be selected in the range of 10% to 110%, with the default level set at 110%, of the rated voltage / current of the power supply. The PSU-Series provides USB Host / Device, LAN, RS-232C with RS-485 and Analog Control Interfaces as standard. The LabView driver is available at the rear panel for external control of the power On / Off and the external monitoring of the output voltages and current.

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