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PROVA AFLEX 6300 Graphic Power Quality Analyzer




    Flexible probe, different from normal clamp meters, can pass through obstacles at will and wind many conducting wires simultaneously, maximum diameter 170mm.


    • Power Quality Analysis for Single and Balanced Three Phase Systems.
    • True RMS measurement of voltage with 0.5% basic accuracy.
    • True RMS measurement of current with 1% of range basic accuracy.
    • 3000Amp.
    • Large LCD Display with Backlight.
    • Graphic Waveform of Voltage and Current.
    • Graphic Phasor Diagram.
    • Active Power (KW), Apparent (KVA) and Reactive Power (KVAR).
    • Power Factor and Phase Angle.
    • Energy (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH).
    • Maximum Demand (MD in W, KW, MW) with Programmable Period.
    • Harmonic Analysis Volts and Current to 50th Order.
    • Display of 25 Harmonics on Screen.


    logopdf (2) 6300-Data Sheet

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