HT Italia HT9020 Clamp Meter with Powers/Harmonics and Inrush Currents

HT Italia (2)

Clamp-on power quality analyzer model HT9020 has been designed for measuring DC, AC+DC TRMS current up to 1000A according to CAT IV 600V in compliance with standard IEC/EN61010-1


  • DC and AC+DC TRMS voltage
  • DC and AC+CD TRMS current
  • Phase sequence and conformity test
  • AC powers and power factor on single-phase and/or balanced three phase systems
  • AC energies on single-phase and/or balanced three-phase systems
  • DC power
  • AC voltage harmonics up to 25° order and THD%
  • AC current harmonics up to 25° order and THD%
  • Frequency on voltage (with test leads) and current (with clamp jaw)
  • Resistance and continuity test
  • Electric motor starting currents (Dynamic Inrush)
  • Detection of AC voltage with and without contact with built-in sensor
  • Each of these functions can be selected using the 6-position selector switch, including
  • OFF position. Keys F1, F2, F3, F4/OK and H / ESC / are also provided

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PDF HT 9020 Data Sheet

PDF Logo HT 9020 Manual

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