Metrel MI 3250 MicroOhm Meter – 10A

The Metrel MI 3250 is portable low resistance ohmmeter for measuring low resistances of breakers and switches, busbars, cable joints, small to medium sized transformer and motor windings for industrial application, etc, with test current up to 10A.

Test Modes:

Manual mode is initiated by pressing the ’Test’ button after connecting the test leads to the unit under test. Continuity of C1 and C2 connectors is checked. Current is applied in both forward and reverse direction.

Automatic mode: test starts automatically when probes are connected. Current is applied in both forward and reverse direction.

Continuous mode allows repeated measurements to be made on the same sample. The measurement is updated every three seconds.

Inductive mode is used for measuring resistance of inductive loads like motors and generators. Instrument generates selected current in one direction and waits for the voltage to stabilise, before the measurement is performed. To provide safety after the measurement is completed the instrument is equipped with auto-discharge facility.

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